Loneliness on a Death Bed

Exchanging blows

Trouncing the integrity

Parading with clout

Testifying with a punch

Ruthless and cold

Clobbering with animosity

Losing perspective

Gaining self worth

Sitting on a Island

without a blanket of protection

Circling apathy

with loneliness on a death bed

Persecuting myself

Questioning my beliefs

Constantly defending my being

Slowly giving up to society’s views


  1. I really liked this piece. The accompanying picture also served its content well. We do compete and argue over the most mundane of things, trying to accumulate wealth and power that serve as but a moat and isolate us.

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  2. Hhhhmmm….Interesting. I have never been one to conform to society, or their views. Also, I conceded to defeat…..a lot, lately it seems. However, I have gained way more than I ever thought I would ever gain. Have I attempted, tried to reject the gains to get back the loss? Yeah, but everything comes full circle. As does everyone. So I shall sit back, observe.

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  3. To lose oneself is to gain oneself, comes to mind here. But lose oneself to WHAT? For me, personally, it involved letting go of a LOT, due to forced cjrcumstances, as I think you are alluding to here Braeden. And I am happy inside myself, though Zi do not like the circumstances. Very interesting poem

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