Books by Braeden Michaels

Book Description

In “The Devil’s Blacklist” Braeden Michaels gravitates to the darkest edges of the human mind and soul. The collection of almost two hundred poems revolves around lust, anger, self destruction, self reflection, love, and the love that generates rubble.

Braeden Michaels introduces a completely new form of poetry known as Deconstructive Literature in which the author takes a thought, idea, scene, or emotion and deconstructs it only to rebuild it again, piece by piece, line upon line. Pulling out hidden flavors here and accentuating unknown colors there. Drawing one’s attention to the underlying scent and undiscovered textures. The author mixes and remixes, not relying on conventional phrases or images, but rather pulls from something one might see from the corner of their eye instead.

Glimpses and flashes that make up the whole. Each line or thought building upon the previous one, brick stacked on brick, to achieve that final goal of bringing the reader in to not only visualize but also taste, smell, and hear the author’s intended idea.