Paul Vance

“I will be back in a bit, going to get dinner from that burger place you love.” Three hours pass and she doesn’t return. The next day I come home after work and all of her stuff is gone. A month goes by and decided to text her. “Where is my burger? I’m starving?”

The Gospel of Infidels – Collaboration w/ Kindra M. Austin

The fables between us Satirical metaphors prance The ironies bleed pretty white lies Sarcasm bursts like ejaculation Covered in Satan’s thick liquid Storybook pages stick together The fables between us Sardonic recitals Recited by jesters and Ponies dance in time while His portal opens to swallow us all Sadistic hymns Written by gargoyles and Unicorns… Read More The Gospel of Infidels – Collaboration w/ Kindra M. Austin

One Sentence, One Word

Define the magnitude of one word A parentheses around the verb State the clarity in one sentence Clarify the significance of the emotion Stagger around the density Between the solitude and frustration Singularity sticks to loneliness Revelations bound to ignorance Disregarding the format of communication Absolutely disheartening Wasted chapter sealed shut