Gulping a rancid pill

Sliding down the esophagus

After it settles and calms the spasms

I stare into the spoiled rotten hound

Giving up treasured dreams

Disregarding my points of view

Ignored wants and needs

Claiming to listen

But to only hear jumbled words

Questioning minuscule worth

Dollar signs draw your attention

As you stand there in your cashmere

You just need me in a coffin

to paint the picture in wide frames

Trapped in humdrum

Sipping a bottle of mundane

She’s a voodoo doll

In the shoes of a routine

Removing the shine to

make me dull

She’s a relentless beast

Stuck in lukewarm

Forced to be conventional

She’s a haunted child

Slowly sucking the imagination

out of me

Determined to make me ordinary

She’s doused in vanilla

Bending me to be apathetic

Breaking the essence of me

She’s turning me inside out

to become what she is


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Turning the mystical corner

Shedding a lonely cloak

Stumbling into a undertow

of trembling chaos

Cutting the vine of trust

Assuming the worst of me

makes me never

want to touch you

Presuming danger and harm

But continually using

words you don’t mean

Accepting loneliness

as a shade of grey

Understanding I’ve been

alone all along

Dressed in contradictions

Sleeps with agitations

Naked in confrontations

Torn with separation

Masked in addictions

Consumed with friction

Sidetracked in hesitations

Withdrawn with preservation

Falling in hallucinations

Defeated with aberrations

Sandblasted in quicksand

Blown with devastation

I relapsed in your stratosphere

I took a nose dive in your heartache

I tumble in your crying shadows

I subside in the sterile danger

Your love was poison

I sink in your liquid fragility

I was plummeting in your overcast

I stepped on to your somber path

I ignored your fake complexion

Your love was forsaken

I abandoned your midnight kiss

I ran away from your dying obscurity

I feared your blistered scars

I shook my head to your revelations

Your love was torture

From the scribbled crux

to the highest point of sensations

your name clears my throat

Vast skin tingles and thirst growls

Oceans of lust gurgle

your name silences the storm

From your intellect and strength

to your brilliant essence

your entirety is astonishing

Stunning and remarkable

A decade of beauty

Thought to be fictitious

your name is unprecedented

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I cherished the rose petals that paraded in her afterglow

I cherished the softness that stood still on her cheeks

Our love felt like a dream

I cherished the happiness that smelled like perfume

I cherished the smile that never left the carnival in my mind

Our love felt like a fairy tale

I cherished the innocence and the sugar that fused under the moonlight

I cherished the watercolors that fell from her precious sky

Our love felt like a rainbow

I cherished the harmony and kindness that I felt from her kiss

I cherished the light and dark that she cradled forevermore

Our love felt like it would never die

Disappointed by your black and white view

Disappointed by the colorless verbiage

And you continue to speak

Disappointed by your cliches and metaphors

Disappointed by the reruns played in your head

And you continue to speak

Disappointed by your anxious stance

Disappointed by the ignorance displayed

And you continue to speak

Disappointed by your choices of phrases

Disappointed by the all about me attitude

And you continue to speak

Empathy soars

As I listen to your song

No drug can

take away your endless pain

Tears flowing hard

from my eyes

Not yours

You lost an extension

No one can be

his replacement

If you had a man

like that

It shows you are

worthy of a real man

Don’t compare

No one will ever be him

For a moment

I put myself in your shoes

I can feel the cement

and the empathy soars

Jungle like appetites dangle
Salivating like a savage
Like a cherry to be swallowed whole
Gulping down the passion
Engulfing like a predator

Primeval serpent enslaving
With exquisite poison, lashing
Languishing deep within
Force, forced ever deeper
Into the narrow, miry abyss

Gobbling and feverish groans
Temptations shredded to bits
Comfort and smoothness meshing
Melting desires in our hands
Tasting a scrumptious spot

Arching, stretched bow taut
Drawing ever deeper
Writhing lost in ecstasy
Agony, awareness fades
All sensation focused

Animalistic tension glaring
Expletive moans thicken
Ignoring the glowing sunrise
Peaks of euphoria strike
Unbelievable chemistry

Clutching, rising, reaching
Gasping, the final plateau
Feeling omnipotent, puissant
Shuddering slow descent
Into childlike peace

Releasing the outcome
Intoxicating visual
Mind blowing eye contact
Flowing like a heavenly river
Round one complete

Braeden – Non Italics

All About Life – Italics

Check out Lisa’s blog, if you haven’t. You will read some great stuff!

I’m lost

in the translucent visual

I’m wrapped

too much into fantasy

I’m engaged

in to what isn’t happening

I’m staring

at the colors in my head

I’m laced

up in sexuality and wonder

I’m walking

through a wet and hazy dream

I’m feeling

so many hands reaching for me

I’m aching

for the sweat to never disappear

I’m ignoring

the parts to the puzzle

I’m chasing

the river next to the sunset

I’m bleeding

from the knife of reality

I’m recognizing

the shadows of emptiness

I’m wanting

what does not exist

I’m needing

the hands of wishes

I’m starving

for what others possess

I’m craving

for what I don’t have

I’m stalking

the landscape in my head

I’m writing

for what is missing

Leave me a pile of scrutiny

Leave me a bag of aggravation

And I will toss it in the dying closet

Leave me a tiny bit of solitude

Leave me an ounce of spoiled milk

And I will throw it in the empty pantry

Leave me a gallon of spiked juice

Leave me a shred of laughter

And I will painfully swallow the bits

Leave me a bottle of shadows

Leave me a jug of sarcasm

And I will watch myself drown

Leave me a tank of affliction

Leave me a plate of dirty lies

And I will break another mirror

Leave me a pair of worn out glasses

Leave me a little bit of rust

And I will never see my heart ache

How many times

must I repeat myself?

You claim to listen

But you just hear

You are lost in touch

Forgot the beginning

Along the way

Your true color appeared

in front of me

We’ve come this far

I have an option

that never entered

your simple mind

We aren’t going to

to throw away the

broken record

I will toss the record

player all by myself

so you can play it

somewhere else

Crawl inside this decorated masterpiece

Crawl in the garden of this hollow fairy tale

Crawl in the trenches to gasp for air

Crawl inside this lost graveyard

Crawl inside this wound of romance

Crawl in the river between anger and hate

Crawl in the carnival to laugh at despair

Crawl inside this forgotten casket

Crawl inside this broken melody

Crawl in the words of this pale chapter

Crawl in the tainted memories

Crawl inside this tragedy without a trace

A Goddess among queens

Fearful and destructive

Volcanic eruptions

A conniving manipulator

Overbearing and hostile

Seductive chains

A bewitching dictator

Terrorizing razor

Lethal injections

A deceitful treacherous woman

Hellacious and ruling

Ruthless vixen

A circling blood clot in her veins

Former lover

Transgressions overlap digressions

Watching a flawless moonlight

Disappear between lurking fear

Silence released in a murky sea

spreading like oil among the ruins

Unfastened the poetic verses

Stripping the violet language

of affection but gasping for air

Ripping controversy from your

faded and ancient wings

As you fly like the butterfly over

Icebergs dropping photographs

of forever entwined in anger

Struggling with interpretation

Rereading Cupid’s rhymes

laced in numbness and removing

the quill from your stone cold hand