From the bottom of a popcorn box

you can hear her high pitch voice

Non stop talking china doll

Full of a twenty four hour energy drink

Delicate as a single pink rose

A lover of the circus and antiques

Captivating scent of a brand new car

Exuberant and chipper

A admirer of Beatles lyrics and Dylan

Devoted woman to her husband

Mother of two innocent boys

Overplayed copycat

Natural born follower

A stone cold soldier

Immoral degenerate

Disrespectful to authority

Wearing entitlement

like a gold chain around

his young ignorant neck

Expecting grand gestures

from the overblown world

The gold chain was stolen

Dressed in torture

Walking terror

A needling headache

Laced in crime

Spiked high heels

Swallowing animalism

Tied to manipulate

Unorthodox perception

Raping the innocent

Unconventional suction

Wearing a collar of deceit

Chained to flames

Licking the drippings

Genuine leaking disarray

I scratched my itch

I packed my bags

I didn’t laugh

I couldn’t say a word

They were already said

I held in the jungle

I swallowed my confusion

I didn’t see the condition

I couldn’t see the barriers

They were already built

I walked away from the illusion

I quietly closed the door

I saw a new found path

They were always there

I just ignored them


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Your deepest scars

don’t define who you are

Your deepest scars

walk away from the sunset

Your deepest scars

don’t stare into the light

Your deepest scars

hide behind the plum tree

Your deepest scars

don’t scream at the rage

Your deepest scars

have burnt everlasting edges

Your deepest scars

don’t speak in front of millions

Your deepest scars

never fade in the chapter

Your deepest scars

don’t disappear in the journey

Your deepest scars

shape your colorful soul

Your deepest scars

make you gorgeous

Disturbing Black
Dry ink staring
Startled and confined
Unorthodox wisdom
No room for error
Touching the demise
Carefully trickling
Vanishing tranquility
Distorted stars
No sense of time
Deep irritations
Under the finger nail
Biting on truth
Waiting vigorously
No heart beat existed
Unleashed chaos

Snowflakes disappear
Drops of anguish bellow
Leaves twirl innocently
Frustrations become frail
Black rain dissolves
Woven remembrance
Cemented sorrow
Etched Fragrance
Capturing the light
Closed chapters
Relinquished clouds
Bottled thoughts
Beloved distress
No goodbyes

Injecting balladry

like it’s a antiseptic

Using your tiny

carry on thesaurus

to captivate the innocent

Swallowing cups of caffeine

to fill a concave

wretched black heart

Drunken saliva dripping

down your male oversized chin

Sunken and carved out

slurping the Devil’s wine

Casting judgement

from an empty phantom

A mindless hippocrate

Not realizing you are

an uneducated stalker

I saw vibrating rainbows draped over a slippery moon. I saw glitter on 20 x 20 frames. I could hear the grand piano playing in the deserted mountains. I saw a glimpse of red in the clouds of rage. I saw rivers of champagne. I witnessed sorrow hiding deep into the caves. I saw the sun bellow. I saw bouquets of silence seek Cupid’s harp. I fell into the well creeping behind the parade of jesters. I saw the edges of souls bleed tears of joy. I saw emptiness screech. I felt the warmth of diamond shaped hearts. I found a bottle of spilled ink and the words were never ending. I heard trumpets around the bend. I saw blank pages but words rattled and spoke like gospel. I discovered the path of humanity. I caressed the gentleness of others. I climbed into the vortex of raw emotions. I felt the infinite words in ink overflow within myself.

Condescending aficionado
speaks from a barbaric abyss
Staking claims and forecasts
reeking of gin and vermouth

He paws
He claws
Relentless and crude

Staring at her fishnet stalkings
waiting for her lipstick stains
delicious Coca Cola bottle curves
Inhaling her wicked scent

He probes
He pushes
Distasteful and off putting

Sucking in helium and lithium
personality rising higher than balloons
Viewing others as outcasts
engaging as a insidious vulture

He commands
He yells
Unforgiving and selfish

Demanding perverse declarations
Instilling superficial values
She crawls away from the blood hound
gazing at the sign of bittersweet crossroads

She kicks
She cries
Embracing the freedom

Enigmatic wandering light

A lost breath of fresh air

Profound and intellectual

A divine blacktop soul

Heart carved from clouds

A distant precious road

Fearless and troubled

A roaring laughter

Treasured candle of love

Dedicated and persistent

A wanderlust masterpiece

Blooming fascination

A secret admirer of her core

Animated shadow boxing smile

Swollen death grip eyes

Incarcerated and Maniacal

Slippery hands like a octopus

A mind from the Colombo family

Dressed in Joseph Banks suits

Smooth as Jack Daniels

Distinguished hypnotic voice

Born as a rugged thief

Low key and convicted

of breaking innocent hearts

Clarity settles around my ankles

Shackles tightly circling my wrists

A opaque warrant for the end

In arial font harshly awakens

crawling dismembered spiders

around my distant coffin

No eulogy or words will be spoken

Just an empty room of formalities

Guests sitting out of obligation

As time passes as I’m alive

Leave me in the closet with

the laughing faded skeleton

Playing chess with my demons

No tears for the desolate child within

Walk away from my numb ghost

Shaking hands with apathy

Disheartened by those who make

false claims and promises

Leave me abandoned in the dusk


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I caress your benevolence

I caress your chained insecurities

I caress your shards of the moon

I’m craving your fragrance

I caress your stimulation

I caress your trusting mind

I caress your value of a dollar

I have an overwhelming desire

I caress your fallen tears

I caress your blanket covering your stitches

I caress your overflowing soul

I’m sleepless in your dreams

I caress your supple skin

I caress your endowing heart

I caress your fingertips

I’m hopelessly drowning in you

Direct and forward

A rabid salivating tongue

Deafening from silence

Gripping to the slick

and grapevine of truth

Lacking minimal patience

A vicious tightrope

Brash and Harsh

Invigorating sincerity

Zero fluctuation

Pledging to the straight arrow

The outspoken prophet

residing in a palace of lights

shimmering faith reverberates

No longer do I waltz into shock

She wears laziness like a scarf

Stuffing struggles in a suitcase

Lacking the inner strength

A thin and weak vocabulary

Seeking nonexistent air

Forming a fog like perception

Cutting the rope of clarity

Standing still in the earthquake

No longer am I flabbergasted

The perplexity has diminished

She lives in the frozen movement