Blood from the Roses

I found you…

Unraveled and detoxing from the vibrations. I saw lies injected into your shriveled up sun. I saw you nauseas from the sight of the blood dripping from the roses. I saw a self indulging massacre spin. I walked away from your propellers. I saw the crash from a distance in slow motion. Fixated and obsessed with the numbness. I witnessed you crawling through the trenches. I saw you fight with your own scars. I saw you plead with your skeptic past. I saw you disappear into the white light.


  1. What a creepy looking flower. 🙂 The lines about vibrations, pleading with your past, and fighting your own scars stand out to me. Annnnd the injection of lies. (You know when you have two things to point to, and then realize you have another another, and then another? 🙂 )
    Thanks for following my blog a little while back and reading so thoroughly through some of my work! Glad to know you were enjoying it.

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