Escape to Silence 

I can’t tell

If I’m lost

or if I’m just not found

I can’t tell

If I’m confused

or if I’m in a fog

I can’t tell

If I’m the enigma

or if I’m missing pieces

I can’t tell

If I’m scared of myself

or just want to be hidden

I can’t tell

If I’m in a movie

or my reality is dramatic

I can’t tell

if I’m an introvert

or I just enjoy being alone

I can’t tell

if I want to live

or if I’m content being alive


  1. Life. What do you do with it? Take it in small doses and deal. Some days I need utter silence when I get home from work, so nothing is on, tv, music, nothing. I’m content. Then other times, I need the noise. Soooo, I blast music. I find it freeing. Releasing. Giving. So, in those moments, I’m found and lost. This is awesome. I love it.

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  2. I am reading this at a time when there is an intense, blustery wind afoot. The trees outside, however, are quite calm. I would say the idea of taking everything in small doses is the most sensible approach to a Universe that is full of sound and fury, and contrary to Shakespeare’s pronouncement, signifies a great deal.

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