Don’t patronize

Don’t need your wild skies

Don’t want your rabid lies

Don’t wear that disguise

Just say goodbye

Don’t empathize

Don’t need your vibes

Don’t want your shoe size

Don’t sleep open wide

Just say goodbye

Don’t advise

Don’t need your old surprise

Don’t want your supplies

Don’t discard the gold prize

Just say goodbye

Don’t downsize

Don’t want your grey butterflies

Don’t need your mind baptized

Don’t reject the wise

Just say goodbye

I never saw

the heart strings you pulled

I never saw

the lies you borrowed

I never saw

the bedroom disguise

I never saw

the contamination

I never saw

your buried intentions

I never saw

the light on the center stage

I never saw

the script you wrote

I never saw

the truth revealed

I never saw

love drip from your lips

I never saw

this moment ever arriving

I never saw

you imagining you could walk away

I never saw

you so terrified and scared

I never saw

you using me

Wretched old whore
Dirty rotten mouth
No filter spewing garbage
Based on wishful thinking
Lack of knowledge
Using terms without no foundation
Facts just mildew in her brain
Making assumptions
Connecting blurred dots
Due to her ill sicken mind
I could publish her life on line
But that’s right I have a conscious
To have friends you have to be human
To go to heaven you have to have a soul
Let God judge that not a troll

Conclusions arrived
Mentally strange and delirious
Verdict is in
Deranged and unsound
Distinctly clear
Erratic and insane
Shining clarity
Unglued and unzipped
Opaque personality
Cockeyed and unbalanced
Dull as a pimple
You are my taint
An empty vase
Violent torn shell
Fanatical and laughable
Incompetent and childish
Demanding attention
Cruel and heartless
She’s the semen
Filling up the prophylactic

Psychobabble is drooling
Filth sliding off your tongue
To a world that doesn’t want you
Chaotic rambles spill
Flourishing idiotic sentences
To only a southern cult following
Despised and detested
The walking anti Christ
An asylum meant for your family
Raising children to scream
Not speaking with an ounce of intelligence
Your mother should have used a condom
So the world didn’t have to put up with
Your nonsense and illogical thoughts

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Requesting peace

Uneasy separation

Raising the white flag

Just wanting to be alone

Clearly misunderstood

No need for drama

Let me sulk from your daggers

and just leave me alone

For you couldn’t see me

You take no responsibility

Spastic clutter

Opening up a can of debris

Mixed up predicaments

A compilation of distress

Walking into turmoil

Gazing at a eyesore

A mayhem of selfishness

Mishmash of ideals

Seeking light in the wreckage

Tripping on hindrances

Overlooking headaches

Disoriented from the gospel

Ignoring the theorems

Forever searching the self

Exasperated point of view

Tearing and ripping me in half

Accepting my tired faults

Ruining what was too good to be true

Reality digging in my insides

Watching my mind crash

into a broken down train station

As the clock barely moves

I stare into the wrecking machine

Seeing a glimpse of my skewed

perception shine bright

in my dumb blank eyes

Realizing my mind needs to be

examined and reprogrammed

Refusing to stay on this damn street

I’m a wounded prize,
Laced up in bitterness.
I’m a lethal injection,
Trapped in a empty bottle.
I’m a bullet from a war,
Only shot through my veins.
I’m a discarded black heart
Only seen in the shadows.
I’m the venom from the rattlesnake
Only to swallow with salt.
I’m a chill on my own spine
Only to stop from being numb.

Choking on self served dirt

Prancing in your delicate castle

Bantering with the jester

High regards as a princess

Pointing at the fabric

stonewashed character

Keep sipping on your ideals

Seeking hidden agendas

Removing the plastic

Only glancing not seeing

Interpretations of nothing

Creating a plate of something

Keeping sipping the cup of dirt

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your enigma

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

dark wild

And the bricks stack up

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

shades of gloom

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

leaves twist in your tiring wind

And the bricks stack up higher

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

blinding aggravation

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

scorching tragedy

And the bricks surround me

I fell in love

with a broken soul

I fell in love

with her sunrise and sunset

I fell in love

with her wild animation

I fell in love

with her wick and poison

I fell in love

with her sharp blade

I fell in love

with her sensuous magic

I fell in love

with her burnt threshold

I fell in love

with her over the top style

I fell in love

with her distorted image

I fell in love

with her scrapes and bruises

I fell in love

with her brightness and mind

I fell in love

with her alluring voice

But her words destroyed me

and left me in emptiness

on Cabrillo Avenue

Should I care enough

to acknowledge your existence

Do I care enough

to reply back to your nonsense

Should I care enough

to slap that grin off your devious face

Do I care enough

to raise my palm toward an empty man

Should I care enough

to not leave you penniless

Do I care enough

to take you to court

Should I care enough

to walk away from you

Do I care enough

about myself to make a decision

Should I care enough

about myself to leave you

*Marie had asked me to use this title for a poem.


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So much anger

So much bottled

So much frustration

So much repeating

So much carelessness

So much distance

So much ignoring

So much venom

So much contained

So much lost

So much wasted

So much avoiding

So much gone

So much feared

So much vile

So much excrement

So much confusion

So much

Rambunctious vile

Distasteful and loathsome

Repellant personality

Excruciating voice

Webs of rancid exteriors

A horrid smell of selfishness

Obnoxious point of view

Infamous small mind

Vindictiveness renders

Full filling the lonely

Unable to stand

Crawling like a two month baby

Expecting society to

play an orchestra for a

Prozac Nation

Injecting balladry

like it’s a antiseptic

Using your tiny

carry on thesaurus

to captivate the innocent

Swallowing cups of caffeine

to fill a concave

wretched black heart

Drunken saliva dripping

down your male oversized chin

Sunken and carved out

slurping the Devil’s wine

Casting judgement

from an empty phantom

A mindless hippocrate

Not realizing you are

an uneducated stalker

Roaming the uneven concrete

like a slobbering bloodhound

A vagabond meandering

through a decorated parade

Mischievous and unorthodox

Offensive and crude

Admittance of displacement

A lurking deadly reptile

Preaching to be resentful

Disfigure emotionally of others

A rancid phlegm among millions

The sauntering antichrist