Numb Prayers

Foolish and dumb I crumble

Stuck in a wrecking atmosphere

Drifting out of consciousness

Wishes fall beneath my feet

I can’t move

A jolt of discomfort shatters within

Starring at discolored fragments

Crying romance bellows forgiveness

Dropping rights and wrongs

I can’t move

Dying to be understood in tired eyes

All I absorb are tears and rain

wearing a chain of animosity

through a howling river

I can’t move anymore

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  1. Loving this…the mood and tone is one that I’m sure many have felt at some point in their lives. To have it vocalized in such a way brings true life to those demons some people are fighting.
    The way words just come to you is astounding. Awesome, Mr. Michaels…….you continue to outdo yourself with each written word.

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