Shattered But Not Broken

I was in my room shattered. I thought he loved me. I saw a vision of a life with a man who turned out to be a child. Not a boy but a child who ran away because he was terrified. He was scared of the word love. It became too real. He tarnished my soul. He took something away that I can’t put my finger on. I turned off the light and crawled underneath the covers. I couldn’t close my restless eyes. My world had crumbled. How can a man touch my skin the way he did and walk away? How can a man kiss these lips and walk away? It felt like I was on a roller coaster and I was no longer going up hill. It was all down hill and could feel the crashing of the silent wind echo. Although he may have thought he had broken me but as I said I’m shattered. It translates that I can pick up the pieces and put them back. No man will ever break me that I can’t get up.


  1. True. Nobody has that power on you. More power and bless to you girl. Emerge out more stronger. Taylor Swift’s music can do wonders this time. Listen to 1989 album’s song clean or All you had to do was stay.

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    1. You hit it perfectly. Because that is exactly, precisely how I have felt, thought at times. Some days, getting out of bed is doing the most. I have to focus on completing one task before I can even think of the other. I had three goals set for when I got home from work… bath, hot chocolate and bed…….I’ve accomplished all 3 😀 I’m done!!

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