Fallen Between the Cracks

Constantly disoriented

frozen whispers speak to me

A deep hunger

to be understood

An appetite

to be stirred by intimacy

No one cares

No one shows it

Efforts are fallen between

the cracks

No one hears me

No one listens

Distorted perception wakens

This is my canvas

Only a writer, a poet,

will gravitate to my words

To everyone else

I am not here


  1. wow.. loved it. and honestly, I feel like that a lot of times. I always expressed myself better in letters, in texts, its poems, and then I’ve had people not understand what I was trying to get across, they take things too literal. I’ve had people tell me that it’s rude to have this conversation in text and that it needs to be in person, and a part of me understands, but in person, verbally, I always felt I couldn’t get the emotions out. unless someone wrote as well, they wouldn’t get my poetry. and that always made me sad.

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    1. I understand that perspective completely, some conversations though are meant to be conversed. Some are hard to convey in a text. But people who are “writers at heart” meaning they communicate better by writing, often times are misunderstood. You and I can relate on this. I get both sides and thank you so much for the great insight! You are not alone.

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