Tormented Disorder

From the decorated tricks

to the lustful and tart candy

The crimson plasma spreads

like a tormented disorder

Calm like a grenade

Held by a tremulous clown

Waving his God smack hand

Tossing hundred dollar bills

to purchase genocidal vodka

Tick tock tick tock

Inside the gray rats nest

Morbid clocks humming the

melody of Enter Sandman

The crack of the numb skull

opens up and echos rape

Recognizing the basket case

Jolted and ramshackle

Hunger for disease thickens

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  1. Okay. I don’t like this one. Is it well-written? Yes. Perhaps, for me, it paints such dark imagery and feelings of yuckiness (it’s a word, it really is) that I just don’t feel good when I read it. I don’t like what it conjures up. So, job well done on the writing, but the content takes me to a place, a dark place, that I don’t want to be or go. Is this a compliment or a criticism? You pick.

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