Stumbling in and out
A blurry vision stuck in the corner
Moments ripped at the seams
Strangers on the edge of thirst

There was a rush
Some unspoken urgency
His alluring eyes dripped desire
Intoxicated with need

Thoughts unraveled
Urges climbing to the top
Animalistic hunger bitten
Senses enhanced

A throbbing pain
Engulfed her senses
Enthralled and smitten
By his glance

Intensity bursting
Hidden gliding hand
Slightly revealing
Inevitable attraction

Both were in trance
Captive in each other’s arms
Heaving and breathing
Forgetting all moral qualms

Deep thrusts of fire
Like a train in a tunnel
Torn clothes
Devouring velvet

Their night of passion
Met the break of dawn
They savored each moment
And moaned to climax

Braeden – Italics

Sakshi– Non Italics

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I found a lurking vampire

in your mind

I found a forbidden ghost of reason

in your imagination

And you make me crazy

I found the chemistry between

your charming wit and voice

I found your grace underneath

your gorgeous sheets

And you make me crazy

I found sensuality in your words

and the fabric of your soul

I found a spell in your soft hands

and your priceless treasure

And you make me crazy

I found a gift in the seas of your eyes

and got lost

I found paradise in your love

and never want to leave

And you make me complete

Watching it jerk

Watching it convulse

Staring at your eyes

Watching it shake

Watching it throb

Staring at your expression

Watching it grow

Watching it in a frenzy

Staring at your excitement

Watching the motion

Watching it in harmony

Staring at your hands

Watching it spasm

Watching it erupt

Staring at the outcome

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From the decorated tricks

to the lustful and tart candy

The crimson plasma spreads

like a tormented disorder

Calm like a grenade

Held by a tremulous clown

Waving his God smack hand

Tossing hundred dollar bills

to purchase genocidal vodka

Tick tock tick tock

Inside the gray rats nest

Morbid clocks humming the

melody of Enter Sandman

The crack of the numb skull

opens up and echos rape

Recognizing the basket case

Jolted and ramshackle

Hunger for disease thickens

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