Trampled Feelings Pass (Braeden’s Writing Challenge #2)

Goodbye desolate shivers

Goodbye forgotten aches

Goodbye swallowed tears

Goodbye opaque walls

Goodbye erratic fears

Goodbye discarded pages

Goodbye to a dark clown’s frown

Goodbye to a lightless mirage

Goodbye to my lost and last words

Goodbye to the faceless sun

Goodbye meaningless friendships

Goodbye somber passions

Goodbye sensitive heart

Goodbye drowning memories

Goodbye deep blue sky

Goodbye unread poetry

Goodbye Trampled Feelings Pass


  1. I know you didn’t. But it’s all good. You should go see what I did last night. Greatest fucking mistake ever. Signing my divorce papers Monday. Taking them to work, and being as I work at a bank, notaries are everywhere, signing them. And he can come get them when I get home and give me the keys to the house.

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