Cup of Dirt

Choking on self served dirt

Prancing in your delicate castle

Bantering with the jester

High regards as a princess

Pointing at the fabric

stonewashed character

Keep sipping on your ideals

Seeking hidden agendas

Removing the plastic

Only glancing not seeing

Interpretations of nothing

Creating a plate of something

Keeping sipping the cup of dirt


  1. Okay, so I don’t like this one. This is because I feel like you are saying something to the reader but I’m not sure what. I might just be a bit dense here or something but I am unable to grasp a message. It’s like it’s almost there, but I can’t get there. A partially formed thought or image that never comes to fruition. Feel free to delete this comment 😉

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  2. ohmygod. So I’ve read this poem I don’t know how many times trying to “get” it. And just now…. it suddenly clicked and I did. I could picture it. Fully. Wow. The brain is a weird thing.

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