Do I Care Enough..(Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

Should I care enough

to acknowledge your existence

Do I care enough

to reply back to your nonsense

Should I care enough

to slap that grin off your devious face

Do I care enough

to raise my palm toward an empty man

Should I care enough

to not leave you penniless

Do I care enough

to take you to court

Should I care enough

to walk away from you

Do I care enough

about myself to make a decision

Should I care enough

about myself to leave you

*Marie had asked me to use this title for a poem.


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  1. Congratulations Braeden for rising to the challenge so graciously. How do you feel about this poem? Did you have to draw on experience? Your poem has made me think because it conjures up all sorts of feelings of struggles, longing and loss. And yet there’s the question ‘should I care’ lingering in the air. Thank you for writing this – it shows sensitivity.

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    1. Thank you Marie! Most of my writing is from different points of view – this is from a woman’s perspective in a bad relationship. I feel good about the poem because I think most of us struggle making a monumental decision in leaving someone, starting over is hard for most of us, especially for a woman who may have kids. So no I didn’t write on experience per say because I’m not a woman. welcome.

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    2. Thanks Braeden! I’ve never thought of writing from a male perspective – I might try that! But back to you, I get what you’re saying about writing this piece from a female perspective, but I was also considering if you as a child had experienced this, in say, your parents splitting up, or noticing how either of your caregivers felt experiencing a split, or even witnessing friends who had this experience. And yes, leaving someone is a monumental decision whether you are male or female. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. I tend to see the world more form a loner’s perspective, because that’s what I am. I also tend to take the underdog’s point of view, even though I’ve had an okay life. The underdog is, more often than not, a woman.

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