House of Heart – Author Appreciation

Holly Rene Hunter is the “House of Heart” blog. When I do stop by and read her blog I am quite impressed. Holly does a great job creating beautiful imagery. She writes with elegance and it’s almost as if I’m reading a famous poet from the 1970’s. I am always impressed when I read her blog. I enjoy the choices of word and style. Some may not know this but she also has a book. I encourage for others to take the time to read it.

Please check out her blog if you have not.

I take the time to do this because it is very time consuming for a blogger to answer questions for an award that is offered to them. This is my way of appreciating them without doing a bunch of work.


  1. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Many thanks to Braeden for “House Of Heart – Author Appreciation”! Holly Rene Hunter is a very talented author and poet and as Braeden has eloquently stated, your time will be well spent reading Holly’s works! I have found seeds of inspiration from her words and I hope you will too. In fact, Holly was an inspiration for my post “Her Eyes” on my blog, which you may enjoy. Holly was gracious enough to allow me to use her Photo Icon as the feature image!

    It is my honor to be able to call Holly, My Friend and I would like you to get to know her too. Please explore her Archives for other beautiful works. Binge on Holly’s works instead of Netflix! LOL!

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