Blackout Hill (Part 6)

On the glass surface
A marriage was the mirage
Two Perfect jobs
He was the Industrial Engineer
She was the Professor

Dollars always filling pockets
Purchasing boats
Constantly traveling
Appearing to work late

Slowly becoming lonely
Innocent flirts
Grazing and rubs
Touching hands
Turned one night
into a deep sea of lust
I become a routine
I become fixated

His gambling debts get higher
Out of hand and order
I become a bank
I become demanding
Week after week
Month after month

A long delightful affair
They become distant
They become desperate
Seconds after seconds
Minutes after minutes
I become irritated
I become a wrecking machine

Hours after hours
Days after days
She pulls away
She wants to stop
Week after week
Month after month

Glass surface has a crack
Reality settles like dust
Clarity runs fast as light
He stops payments
He stops communicating

He attempts to be polite
I demand my money
I scream “I will tell her”
Sternly he stands
“You screwed my wife.”

You didn’t appreciate her
You didn’t love her
I gave her something
you couldn’t give
All night long

Gambling was your priority
Not your wife
Hands placed in pockets
Slowly walking away
“You owe me my money.”
“You fucked my wife.”

Leave us alone
“I may have fucked your wife
But you fucked with the
wrong person.”


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