1. I made a humble request to you Braeden. You did not have to write a post about it because I admire your writings and that does not give right to say things which I am not comfortable with. I had no grudges.
    But you certainly need to see that people have certain limits and choices.
    I am not a big fan of erotic posts and all still there is a way to appreciate a person’s art in a subtle way.

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    1. Yes I understood your request. That is quite presumptuous to think that post is about you. But if you read the comment all I said was that I like that I like when you write about lust. See I don’t assume that it is a reflection of how you think. The compliment was just a compliment nothing more. You could write about the topic of garbage and I would probably like it because you are very good with words. I appreciate your work as a whole but it has nothing to do with your personal life. So I apologize if you thought anything different.


  2. So often people see in us what they find failing in themselves, and through that skewed perception make assumptions. Sadly this is often the case and it does leave us feeling misunderstood, for so we are. A powerful little verse that speaks volumes!

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  3. It is not about either person, Braeden, but about interaction and sensibility. You have the right to say how you perceive a piece. The other person also does. I have been called some rather harsh names, for my posts in the past. Most often, there has been a dialogue and meeting of hearts. Once, there was only more name-calling and I called SPAM. I hope this all ends amicably.

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    1. But my piece was all about perception. I don’t write about people or individuals. Yes I don’t have the control on someone responds to a comment but I have control on what I say. But I see your point.

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  4. We all have got different choices and perceptions.. all has to be equally respected. We all are unique and different.. and maybe thats why we together are called iridescent… Culmination of different choices and ideas. 🙂✨

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    1. I know friend. Thanks for sharing your ideas 😄✨👍 itf completely fine.. don’t feel offended.. we learn everyday! So I just typed my thoughts..
      Keep smilin’ friend! ⛅

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