Shadow of Tyler Boulevard

Shadow of Tyler Boulevard

With inflation, a blockbuster blast reeks carnage
With inflation, we depreciate the minds of a exasperated society
With inflation, a ruckus erupts and commotion explodes
With inflation, economic indicators are ignored
and bullies are savored
With inflation, an empty suit lacks comprehension and consequences

And Tyler Boulevard will lose its character
And Tyler Boulevard’s existence will turn cold

With inflation, pennies evaporate and the cost of living rises like a hot air balloon
With inflation, the prosperous hibernate and the money laundering is glaring
With inflation, the embassy’s schemes are outlined with chalk and paint
With inflation, the fear monger salivates from a haunting distance
With inflation, the downward spiral staggers and the nations posture weeps

And Tyler Boulevard will lose its integrity
And Tyler Boulevard’s remains will shiver

With inflation, the Capitol Hill henchmen’s stench is pungent with greed
With inflation, the arrangements and the intentions are to eradicate the foundation
With inflation, the crowded distractions come from all angles of the compass
With inflation, the animosity drips freedom with a blaze
With inflation, civilization works with a handicap and walks spiritless

And Tyler Boulevard will lose its luster
And Tyler Boulevard’s shadow will fade

With inflation, corruption is at its highest peek and the lows are dwelling in caskets
With inflation, it’s number eighty nine in the radical bill to change the landscape
With inflation, the intellectuals want us to be a copycat of Venezuela
With inflation, the middle class will disappear in the snap of a democratic finger
With inflation, the earth will sit on an axis as the sky will read its eulogy

And Tyler Boulevard will be crippled for generations
And Tyler Boulevard’s demise begins with those who live on islands

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