Uncertain Road

Acquaintances and formalities

shook hands with the Devil’s tongue

Saliva drips down to the

center of honesty and disintegrated

Kindness only filled a shot glass

As gulps of uncertainty surrounded

glass scarecrows and empty vigilantes

Stale friendships vanish in the mist

Faded signs were torn down

Three bedroom houses decomposed

Laughter is a decaying tooth

As you turn on this fragmented road


    1. In my mind, I see a man sitting at a bar slowly drinking his life away while all around him the world moves on in fast forward. His thoughts occasionally slipping in and out of the reality of things: friendships are shallow, based only in the comradery of drink, relationships come and fail, work is a necessary evil, home is a dark cave, laughter is hollow, full of cynicism…. and still he raises the glass.

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