Defining Moments #2

I am only home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I moved away for a job and it’s been a journey since then. When I met my family my brother pointed something out that made him teary eyed. There were names of deceased family members on the tables. I saw my aunts name, my mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and my cousin. I looked around the room as tears fell from my eyes. My brother saw me and hugged me. Although we are very different in many aspects we are the same. We moved over to the corner of the room and told me how our mom would be so proud of me. In his own words he actually expressed how much he loved me and missed me. This is something he would do when he was drunk. He didn’t have an ounce of alcohol in him. Naturally I cried as he spoke. I saw my brother in a different light. A part of me moved away for a job and part of me moved away from my family. In my eyes, growing up and still today I feel misunderstood. I want to unravel all the feelings we all feel in my writing. I want to write from different perspectives. I told my brother the other day I have three published books. In my head I spend my time writing wanting to leave something behind, my legacy. Perhaps on the blog this is where I am understood. But my brother for once understood me. He could see parts of me that are broken. He could see why I write from other perspectives. It’s easier for me to write from other points of view because I have some pieces I don’t want to look at. He could clearly see I just didn’t move away for a job.


  1. Wow, this was a very personal post. But one I understand. Beautiful you both were able to share this moment. A memory you’ll cherish for eternity. Hopefully, one that will now bring you closer to home. Although, we create distance, both sides get to open eyes that have been shut from reality. They start to see the details in the story. A story they now want to be a part of. And I see this story is just unfolding before your eyes. Ah, I’ll stop rambling, but great post. Thanks for your vulnerability.

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  2. Breaden what a beautiful piece of you you have shared here. You’re writings were meant to be shared with the world! From your very earliest pieces to your latest you show such understanding to the human emotions in all directions. I know having your brother see those things, pulled at places deep for you. Braeden those broken pieces help make us us and to me you are beautiful. Merry Christmas Breaden!

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  3. The first time I read this, I began crying, it’s so touching. To me it encapsulates what I think Christmas should be. The second time I read this, I cried again. Thinking about how misunderstood we can be with those who think they know us. The third time I read this, my eyes misted and I was careful to hold my tears back because I just cry so damn much. But this is so touching, so relatable, so full of depth that I keep coming back to it. Blessings to you and your family, wherever you/they all are.

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