Open for Discussion

From bulldozing politics to

southern recipes

words glide

From the center of art history

to eye opening philosophy

words fly

From the core of love to

carburetors and steering wheels

words run

From the backbone of religion to

Roman orgies

words soar

From ancient reptiles to the

evolution of medicine

words are accented

From inward passions to the

hatred of war

words are like light

From the corner of your fears to

the offensive jokes

words scatter

Our universe is open for discussion


  1. Good description. Lol! We women love to talk and can swim through various topics in an instance. No topics are off limit. I guess it keeps us from getting bored or worst 😑 to keep us gossiping. Lol!
    I enjoy your poetry, as it covers different facets of life. Inspiring. ☺️

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