Braeden’s Writing Challenge #3 ( Borough Verses )

Hello All,

I would like to issue a challenge to my readers. I would like my readers to give me a creative name for a made up city. Just like the challenge for the roads, your poem will be featured in a book. The category for these poems will be in “Borough Verses.” Dripping Insomnia is the first poem for this category.

Please have fun with it and looking forward to hearing your titles!

~ Braeden Michaels


    1. The next book coming out “Rattle in a Cage” is just a collection of poetry. Some of it is from the blog and rest is old poetry.

      I do have book cover created for a collection of poems with road titles.

      The road and city books are truly theme books to answer your question.

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  1. Jeromeville.

    I just saw this now; are you still taking submissions? It looks like you reposted it from a few months ago. It’s a long story why I chose that and what the name means to me, I won’t get into it now, but I’m curious what you’ll do with it. Maybe I’ll tell you after you’re done, if you use it.

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