If I Could Run Away

If I could run away

I’d join a flying circus

Chat with the lions

Chant with the crowd

Joke with the clowns

Dance with the acrobats

Crawl with the trapeze artists

Hide with the magician

Wrestle with the roar of the tiger

Walk with the Bear

Fall in love with the sideshow

Sit between the caramel apples

and the cotton candy

If I could run away

It wouldn’t solve any of my problems

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  1. Aaawww, damn!!! My mind was filled with such imagery, colors, chest expanding, hope fueled dreams. Only to feel the pinprick to be burst like a balloon!! 🎈🎈 life……a beautiful, yet ugly four letter word when you think too hard about it. It’s all good. Love it!!! ❤❤ thank you for the massive smile 😊😊

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