Walking Disease

Wretched old whore
Dirty rotten mouth
No filter spewing garbage
Based on wishful thinking
Lack of knowledge
Using terms without no foundation
Facts just mildew in her brain
Making assumptions
Connecting blurred dots
Due to her ill sicken mind
I could publish her life on line
But that’s right I have a conscious
To have friends you have to be human
To go to heaven you have to have a soul
Let God judge that not a troll


    1. I opened your blog in a separate tab, then copied your blog URL. On the edit page of my blog, I clicked the insert link button. It brings up a box. I pasted your URL into the URL space, and typed your name in the space below that. I will take a screenshot to show you.

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    1. It’s ok. I didn’t know exactly what it was about. But someone sounded horrible. Your wirds really cut through.

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