Broadway (Braeden’s Writing Challenge #2)

Yellow submarine taxis growl

Chauffeurs flipping the bird

Traffic jams six miles long

under a melodramatic sky

Hearts flutter and change rattles

Scent of Pizza and hot dogs

fill up the obscure potent air

Surrounding big city talkfest

Delighted with lipstick flirts

Walking by high dollar men

Staring at petty indifferences

Nonchalantly cursing

Engrossed with constant image

Consumed with the red lights

Unable to cherish or embrace

seconds of life on Broadway


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  1. Ahh you built an image in my mind, a feeling in my stomach and a scent in my nose. I picture this being New York, although I’ve never been there. You helped me experience it in my mind with this poem! I liked it!:)

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