Once upon a time,
I used to wish for a love like ours,
Once upon a time
I pondered that very phrase.
I sat under those bright stars beside you
and saw the words “forever” ring in my ears.

Or at least a love that the stars would forever engrave in themselves,
To be look upon with awe and wonder,

Questions of how did they over come the odds and make it to that kind of happiness,
A love worthy of songs and fairy tales and beauty,
As we gazed into each other’s eyes
I wanted to see a glimpse of happiness.
In my heart I could feel the world stop
but darling in my mind our lives continued

But I’m starting to find that once upon a time only begin once,
The moment had scratches and it was no longer clear to me.
The only clarity I saw was that we should no longer stare in the fairy tale and stare into reality.

And everything that falls in between is up to chance.
Love is just not a word in a song, card, or in a poem.
Love isn’t just displayed in a movie scene or a play.
Love requires action, consistency, and a splash of romance.

So darling, I could be your perfect once upon a disaster,
Tangles in the highest tower laced with thorns and roses, tasted in the last bite of the poisoned apple,
Or….or we can work to create a new fairy tale.
Once I threw our written fairy tale in the trash can I grabbed a note pad.
I wrote 10 reasons why I am madly in love with you.
I wrote 10 reasons why I want to be with you.
I tore this sheet out of the notepad and placed it on the refrigerator.

Let the old stars die, fall with the hearts of those before us,
I don’t need a fairy tale nor a “Once Upon A Time” beginning.
Sweetheart, my love, I just need to be open, expressive, intuitive, caring, and considerate.

And lets give birth to a new galaxy full of stars that will shine and dazzle those who look up and wish a forever on once upon a time….
If I truly love you, every day that word “forever” will truly mean something.
Forever starts with my attitude, outlook, and the desire to show you how much you mean to me.

A Writer’s Soul – Non Italics

Overflowing Ink – Italics

I had done a collaboration with Kristen and it was quite fun! Kristen is a wonderful writer. Please check out her blog if you haven’t – you will read some great poetry!

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”

You are the Breath of Passion
The Embodiment of all my Heart beats for,
Longs for,
All this understanding
So unworthy of the least of You,
Can ever perceive.

You are the blood in my veins 
Saliva drippings from the fire ooze magic 
All this longwinded gust 
Soar through every inch of 
my glowing urges

Stars that span the ebon Nighttide,
Miracles of Light and Time
are mere phantoms,
shallow and hapless,
Unremembered figments of Yesterday
Compared to the Depth of my Love

I can see fragments of the twinkles 
Sweat pouring from the golden heavens 
Caught in a whirlwind of passion 
Your moans are magnetizing 
Never ending cravings 
Watching you grip the sheets, sigh

All that Speaks of mystery
All that Whispers portentous enigmas
All the Hums with the Vibrancy of Forever
Are Fading shadows,
Dim and Meaningless
Compared to the Depth of my Passion

Caution tape ripped 
Entering euphoria without bounds
Slippery and yet rough edges 
Lip biting memories etched 
Nonexistent tenderness 
Unleashed saturations 

How I Sigh in your Sweet Embrace!
How my skin yearns for the Touch of Your hands,
How these lips long to be Kissed by Yours,
How I have waited,
Breathless, Trapped, Longing
For Your Sweet Honeyed Love!

A bellow of raw words 
Intoxicating oceans 
Commanding you to vulnerability
Taste the lava, taste the lava 
Overwhelming fervor 
Yearning for more 

This was a joy to collaborate with Morgan!

Braeden – Italics

Morgan – Non

Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author & blogger; columnist for the national publication Fresh LifeStyle Magazine; and member of the Poetry Society of America and Artists for Peace. Creator of the Epic YA Fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy, Morgan’s powerful story relates how the power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world when Positive Action is taken to create change.  The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

Morgan is also the author of the popular blog Booknvolume where her over 17K followers are regularly treated to Morgan’s own brand of poetry, English Sonnets, musings about life, personal recipes, photography, book reviews and more.


On the outside of the glass

Aphorisms ringing like a bell

Insensitivity weaves a cobweb

Vulnerability trapped in a

medical syringe

Harshness spoken with a sterile

and violent tongue

Commanding and demanding

Blatant and in bright lights

Waterworks flowing like a creek

Hearts awaken and cringe

An awkward silence creeps

Hoping love seeps through the cracks

seeking a mysterious ocean

Trembling locked lips

underneath the flashing red light

Caution tape torn between

Wicked Lust Lane and Insatiable road

Full force of ripped love

Entangled speeding tickets

Stilettos bright as fire engine red

walking Romeo’s Kiss Boulevard

Seeking infatuation and

burning sensations among the chatter

Sirens storming in the air

Exploring hands twisting

Passing every stop sign

down this riveting and passionate road

Stale chips

fallen on a checkered pattern

linoleum floor

Empty pizza boxes

stacked on a granite

counter top

Blaring from the speakers

Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits

Reminiscing of old times

Lost arguments boil

to the rim and simmer down

Recognizing friendships

are made to last unlike

marriages and cars

Green pastures and mountain

eagle like views overtake

your narrow perception

on Coach Road in

the quiet town of 4000 humans

Only the stars become thick

and the air is gold in

the heart of Northern Ireland

Furious waves are dying. The gentleman in me is fading like a light. You carve out the tension and slowly I am denied. The more you take the less of me you receive.

You are not who you advertised. I remain calm as I construct a devious plan. I hold the wind in my hand. I have a defense. I made sure the world knows. Apocalyptic and cryptic I will speak. Repeating my words is not a option.

You use the word love but don’t show it. You use words you don’t express. The storm in this jungle has elevated to a hurricane. Patience is running thin. You love the image. You love the facade. You don’t love me. Say it. Admit it.

I find that life is all about perception. I can see a glass half empty or half full. I find that I can worry about what I can control and not worry about what I can’t. I find the light within the dark. I find beauty within the scars. I find stages, scratches, and atmosphere that I can’t see. I find the exits of them when I look back. I find that I use more of my logic than emotion to see clarity. I find that I remove the complexity to unravel the simplicity. I find the passion within my words. I find I have to own up to my mistakes. I find that I have to continue learning. I find that I have to continue to evolve. I find the joy in what I have and don’t complain about what I don’t have. I find that I didn’t forget where I came from. I find that I know where I’m going. Why? I know where I was and where I am today in every aspect of my life. It all starts with perception.

Charming pavement

Dazzling hopscotch

Skipping and jumping

Appreciation overload

Barely touching

the luminous ground

Dressed in affection

Block away from the

Everlasting sugar factory

A smile away from the

beaming playground

Sounds of belly ache

laughter and pride

Wishing the entire town

was abundant of love

and respecting humanity

Hoping and praying

the elated joy will expand

beyond this holy cement

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I kissed your lips for the first time and felt a chill travel down my spine. I savored the goosebumps. I knew it was the beginning of something amazing. I felt love echo. I embraced the tapestry. I didn’t want to stop kissing you. I saw a glimpse of our future within the melting. I saw skies open up and felt rain dance on my tongue. I was petrified. A part of me was frozen but yet another part was mesmerized. I knew when I placed my hand on your cheek this was meant to be forever.

From the glistening waves

to the boundless shore

Strings of love dwell

in the enchanted violin

From the untamed daisies

to the serene marigolds

Appetites of wicked flames

burn in a pink stratosphere

From the beaming sunrise

to the caress of your hand

Admiration is a blazing star

above Cupids’ Dream Drive

Shadows or darkness

become a lost road of lust

Only worship and devotion

entwine on this long concrete

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I can’t sleep

without the scent of your pillow

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without you beside me

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without your warm embrace

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without a kiss good night

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without saying I love you

Toss and turn


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In this reflective light I couldn’t see your enigma

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

dark wild

And the bricks stack up

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

shades of gloom

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

leaves twist in your tiring wind

And the bricks stack up higher

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

blinding aggravation

In this reflective light I couldn’t see your

scorching tragedy

And the bricks surround me

He doesn’t know how great I am

He doesn’t know how special I am

He’s known me since the second grade

He doesn’t know I’m going to be famous

He doesn’t know that how much I love my Mom

He doesn’t know how I see the world

He doesn’t know my soft pain

He doesn’t know how I love

He doesn’t know I am gold yet

He doesn’t know I have the eyes of a photographer


Photo by S.B Eldredge

I was born to feel

I was born to absorb my emotions a bit different

I want to see the world through others eyes

I was born to be a poet

I was born to be a writer

I want to be in touch with my tears

I want to know where they came from

I want to know where your scars came from

I want to understand you

I was born to be something I didn’t know existed

I was born to love you

I was born to share something that is suppose to bring us together

I was born to hold you

I was born so we could be together

I was born to love you until the end of time

I saw you between the kaleidoscopic tears and wretched veins. I kept my distance and harbored the burnt edges of my existence. I clashed with harmony and my own walls that I have personally built. I stand between your denial and my built up frustrations. I walk away to hold on to my sanity knowing my dreams will never come true. I live for you. I live for what I love not the picket fences you created. I always thought love was elastic.


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Black and white

photographs pluck

the tears from my eyes

Etched memories

never dissolve or fade

cherishing every kiss

Reminiscing the last

fifty years of preciousness

Embracing every second

Through the heights of

the golden mountains

and blackout valleys

Love never once

sat in the shade

In sadness and melancholy

I have to leave

Mulholland Drive tonight

I spent a lifetime

in this brick castle

with my beloved queen

May she rest In Peace

as my heart is in pieces

To care is to have patience

To appreciate you have to lose something

To love you have to treasure seconds

To forgive you have to be human

To grow you have to make mistakes

To be kind you have to listen

To be human you have to open up your heart

To gain perspective open up your eyes

To be ignorant close your ears

To be special just be yourself

To live is not to be afraid

To be alive you have to learn to feel

Writing with a light shade of pink

Paragraphs of wit and charm

Hallucinations of bitter love

Caught up in unknown webs

Burying summer flings and

hypnotic one night stands

Self inflicted wounds never sewn

The bookmark never leaves

this etched and engraved page

It’s the single page that altered

her perception of love and self