Unsettling analytics

Dispersed integers

Abrupt and chilling data

Between facts and information

Controlling emotions

Stepping on to Overthink drive

Distinct calculations

Business minds open

Fearful of making the “wrong”

and fateful decisions

Staring into Venn Diagrams

and Ghant charts

Sleeping beside project management

and waking up to “planning”

Spontaneity is two streets over

On this road it must be on a calendar

Crawling like a snail

Watching the hour glass

Staring at paint dry

on the curbside

Playing in the sandbox

Mesmerized by the fallen

rainbows and stardust

Absorbing every minute

Not one second is rushed

Pixels illuminate

Enhanced motions

Days inhaling weeks

Weeks serenading months

Smiling leaves dance

Rivers singing in harmony

Families at dinner tables

Time is a speck

Life is fully embraced


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Hello All,

I have just acquired 500 followers and would like to thank you all for following my blog. It is very much appreciated. This is a milestone. I also appreciate those who comment and encourage me to continue to write. The blogosphere is where I’m understood and have the support as a writer.

Thank you all.

~ Braeden Michaels

Black and white

photographs pluck

the tears from my eyes

Etched memories

never dissolve or fade

cherishing every kiss

Reminiscing the last

fifty years of preciousness

Embracing every second

Through the heights of

the golden mountains

and blackout valleys

Love never once

sat in the shade

In sadness and melancholy

I have to leave

Mulholland Drive tonight

I spent a lifetime

in this brick castle

with my beloved queen

May she Rest In Peace

as my heart is in pieces

B had asked to me to use this title for poem. 😊