Isosceles Sessions

Eyeballing the coordinates

Interpreting and measuring the angles

Shoveled efforts plead cases

in the clay and dim ground

Removed discussions and grief

Presenting facts and disregarding

lethal gut wrenching emotion

Pulling left to be right

Pushing right to be wrong

Winning is irrelevant and misguided

Grazing thoughts of compassion

Understanding points of view

Too much gray between black and white

Indecisiveness stands still

One sided lie

Two sided truths

Equal broken indifferences and shadows


    1. It’s written using some geometry terms to show exactness or preciseness in an argument. But often times we spend too much time proving people wrong rather than understanding a POV.


    2. Yes, I saw it that it is more important to prove a point than to show compassion orto allow for grief. No, it was not too abstract for me, and it would lose something if you tried to make it less absteact. I like it very much indeed

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    3. I hated geometry at school, but actually it is very beautiful. It has a beauty all of its own. I like how you used it here

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