Boxing Sessions

A thousand mile per hour shove

Galant jab to the head

Like a heavyweight boxer

A face plant with spit to the floor

Pummeled by deception

Belted by the winds of lust

Aggression rises like a wave

An undercut to the ribs

Bombarded with questions

Chopped down with a sharp ax

Blasted by the electric shock

Beaten by a power house

A crack with a whip

Bitten by her savage guts

Tossed around like a rag doll

A defense shattered from the word go

Dominated like a slave

Articulate and clever

Owned by a blood sucking wench

Standing before rules and regulations

Slowly out growing demands

Up against the tightrope

Released a blow to the throat

Standing against the walls of reality

No longer living in fear

Arms raised in victory

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