Treasure Chest Award

Hello All,

I want to do something different. When I glance through the reader I see awards that are presented to bloggers from other bloggers. Most of the awards you have to reveal things about yourself answering questions and to me it looks like “homework.”

I came up with my own award that I hope bloggers will use. The only requirement you have to do is actually write why you like their blog with a solid description. Those shows that you are actually reading it and not just hitting the “like” button.

I came up with the title because if you open up the chest you may discover many talented writers if we all take the time to read them. Their work is the “treasure.”

You only have to nominate one person and pass the award around once you receive and accept it.

I nominate Kindra M. Austin. I nominated her because I constantly see her promoting others blogs. It shows she is reading and honing her own craft. Kindra is not afraid to write about politics, religion, and throws in a curse word to display her passion. Kindra’s writing is raw to the core and it’s essence has tough fabric.


  1. I’ve seen a lot of people post about award posts (myself included) but this is the first time I am seeing someone create an award in front of my very own eyes. This is history in the making and I am proud to be a part of it by being the first person to comment.

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    1. I just have one confusion regarding this. Let’s say you have nominated one person, and they choose to accept it, so now, they have to say nice things about YOUR blog or do they have to say nice things about the next blog they’re going to nominate?

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  2. This is the nicest, most generous compliment anyone has ever given me, Braeden. My heart is singing. I also appreciate the initiative to create an award that truly honors the bloggers we love. I am definitely going to use this. Thank you! ❤

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  3. That’s a wonderful, authentic, true idea. I love it. Liking posts should be a true act of appreciation, and not just a random automatic movement. I truly appreciate your initiative.

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