Coach Road (Braeden’s Writing Challenge #2)

Stale chips

fallen on a checkered pattern

linoleum floor

Empty pizza boxes

stacked on a granite

counter top

Blaring from the speakers

Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits

Reminiscing of old times

Lost arguments boil

to the rim and simmer down

Recognizing friendships

are made to last unlike

marriages and cars

Green pastures and mountain

eagle like views overtake

your narrow perception

on Coach Road in

the quiet town of 4000 humans

Only the stars become thick

and the air is gold in

the heart of Northern Ireland


    1. That can do and prove your Irish gene.there are many very dark too so don’t worry.
      I married an Italian with red bear and pale skin who doesn’t get tan….never ever.may be he is secretly Irish too😂

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