Roaring parking meters

Stoplights slurring

Traffic jams sound like an arcade

Vendors flipping dollars

Counting change in thin gloves

Smiles parading like a festival

Inhaling the scent of hot dogs

Car doors slamming

Taxi cabs galore

Newspaper stands hand shakes

Concrete greetings

Tap dancing on pavement

Bartenders barking like a pit bull

Candy shops humming sweetness

Downtown in a ornament

Brick walls glaring spray paint

Little Anthony circling fire hydrants

Simone shouting obscenities

Dimes shoved in a jukebox

Ingredients of simplicity

I will never forget the day I moved back home . I will never forget the sentence that broke my heart. “You will never set the world on fire.” The chip on my shoulder just became bigger. Perhaps he is just a realist. Perhaps he saw his son average. I’m not saying he didn’t know how to love and care. I’m not saying he was a bad father but I would NEVER tell that to my son.

Little boy the message here is that you can be what you want to be. You are going to make choices I probably won’t agree with at the moment but the belief in you won’t disappear. I want to do something that my father didn’t do, just understand you. Please don’t be afraid to open up. I don’t want to be a critical spirit like him and put your thoughts under a microscope. Your father is a writer at heart and doesn’t have support from those who I thought would support. I stand alone. You will never stand alone.