She slumbers in jitters and uncertainty

She slumbers in quietness and nervousness

She slumbers in angst and needles

She slumbers in frozen butterflies

She slumbers in a catatonic atmosphere

And the all knowing and powerful listens

She slumbers in misguided beliefs

She slumbers in thin confidence

She slumbers in pale rose petals

She slumbers in the down pouring dismay

She slumbers in cold feet and horror

And the all knowing and powerful listens

She slumbers in cynical exasperation

She slumbers in headaches and irritations

She slumbers in deadweight

She slumbers in mishaps and misfortune

She slumbers in blame and agitation

And the all knowing and powerful guides

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I see paradise in your

endearing photograph

Can’t stop looking at you

I see utopia on your

alluring lipstick

Can’t stop looking at you

I see the garden of Eden

in your mystical eyes

Can’t stop looking at you

I see milk and honey

from head to toe

Can’t stop looking at you

I see perfection and

and everlasting desire for you

Never will I stop

looking at you

Sweet brown sugar
Habenero pepper on her lips
Invigorating serene eyes
Dashing wild smile
Intellectual stimulating
Culturally educated
Admiring her heritage
Embracing her history
to build a brilliant future
Desiring your seductive mind
Appreciating the center
Itching to just be beside you
Absorbing your presence
Thoughts of you are magical

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”

You are the Breath of Passion
The Embodiment of all my Heart beats for,
Longs for,
All this understanding
So unworthy of the least of You,
Can ever perceive.

You are the blood in my veins 
Saliva drippings from the fire ooze magic 
All this longwinded gust 
Soar through every inch of 
my glowing urges

Stars that span the ebon Nighttide,
Miracles of Light and Time
are mere phantoms,
shallow and hapless,
Unremembered figments of Yesterday
Compared to the Depth of my Love

I can see fragments of the twinkles 
Sweat pouring from the golden heavens 
Caught in a whirlwind of passion 
Your moans are magnetizing 
Never ending cravings 
Watching you grip the sheets, sigh

All that Speaks of mystery
All that Whispers portentous enigmas
All the Hums with the Vibrancy of Forever
Are Fading shadows,
Dim and Meaningless
Compared to the Depth of my Passion

Caution tape ripped 
Entering euphoria without bounds
Slippery and yet rough edges 
Lip biting memories etched 
Nonexistent tenderness 
Unleashed saturations 

How I Sigh in your Sweet Embrace!
How my skin yearns for the Touch of Your hands,
How these lips long to be Kissed by Yours,
How I have waited,
Breathless, Trapped, Longing
For Your Sweet Honeyed Love!

A bellow of raw words 
Intoxicating oceans 
Commanding you to vulnerability
Taste the lava, taste the lava 
Overwhelming fervor 
Yearning for more 

This was a joy to collaborate with Morgan!

Braeden – Italics

Morgan – Non

Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author & blogger; columnist for the national publication Fresh LifeStyle Magazine; and member of the Poetry Society of America and Artists for Peace. Creator of the Epic YA Fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy, Morgan’s powerful story relates how the power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world when Positive Action is taken to create change.  The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

Morgan is also the author of the popular blog Booknvolume where her over 17K followers are regularly treated to Morgan’s own brand of poetry, English Sonnets, musings about life, personal recipes, photography, book reviews and more.

Trembling locked lips

underneath the flashing red light

Caution tape torn between

Wicked Lust Lane and Insatiable road

Full force of ripped love

Entangled speeding tickets

Stilettos bright as fire engine red

walking Romeo’s Kiss Boulevard

Seeking infatuation and

burning sensations among the chatter

Sirens storming in the air

Exploring hands twisting

Passing every stop sign

down this riveting and passionate road

I kissed your lips for the first time and felt a chill travel down my spine. I savored the goosebumps. I knew it was the beginning of something amazing. I felt love echo. I embraced the tapestry. I didn’t want to stop kissing you. I saw a glimpse of our future within the melting. I saw skies open up and felt rain dance on my tongue. I was petrified. A part of me was frozen but yet another part was mesmerized. I knew when I placed my hand on your cheek this was meant to be forever.

From the glistening waves

to the boundless shore

Strings of love dwell

in the enchanted violin

From the untamed daisies

to the serene marigolds

Appetites of wicked flames

burn in a pink stratosphere

From the beaming sunrise

to the caress of your hand

Admiration is a blazing star

above Cupids’ Dream Drive

Shadows or darkness

become a lost road of lust

Only worship and devotion

entwine on this long concrete

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I can’t sleep

without the scent of your pillow

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without you beside me

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without your warm embrace

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without a kiss good night

Toss and turn

I can’t sleep

without saying I love you

Toss and turn


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He doesn’t know how great I am

He doesn’t know how special I am

He’s known me since the second grade

He doesn’t know I’m going to be famous

He doesn’t know that how much I love my Mom

He doesn’t know how I see the world

He doesn’t know my soft pain

He doesn’t know how I love

He doesn’t know I am gold yet

He doesn’t know I have the eyes of a photographer


Photo by S.B Eldredge

I was born to feel

I was born to absorb my emotions a bit different

I want to see the world through others eyes

I was born to be a poet

I was born to be a writer

I want to be in touch with my tears

I want to know where they came from

I want to know where your scars came from

I want to understand you

I was born to be something I didn’t know existed

I was born to love you

I was born to share something that is suppose to bring us together

I was born to hold you

I was born so we could be together

I was born to love you until the end of time

I saw you between the kaleidoscopic tears and wretched veins. I kept my distance and harbored the burnt edges of my existence. I clashed with harmony and my own walls that I have personally built. I stand between your denial and my built up frustrations. I walk away to hold on to my sanity knowing my dreams will never come true. I live for you. I live for what I love not the picket fences you created. I always thought love was elastic.


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You don’t need stunning

lipstick to make you sexy

You don’t need layers

of make up to make you beautiful

Just be real

You don’t need curves

to make you ravishing

You don’t need to perform

sexual acts to make you desirable

Just be honest

You don’t need to hide

all of the layers that make up you

Just be simply beautiful


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Direct and forward

A rabid salivating tongue

Deafening from silence

Gripping to the slick

and grapevine of truth

Lacking minimal patience

A vicious tightrope

Brash and Harsh

Invigorating sincerity

Zero fluctuation

Pledging to the straight arrow

The outspoken prophet

residing in a palace of lights

shimmering faith reverberates