The Couch

Every time you sit here,
feels like you have gained some weight
I can see you eat at the dinner table
Do you really need the second hot dog
on that paper plate?
It would be one thing if you only sat here
for an hour or two
But you sit here for like four or five
Don’t you have other things to do?
I notice you watch reruns and see that
same episode three or four times
You eat cake, ice cream, chips,
Even I’m beginning to know the next line
I use to be more fluffy, vibrant, full of color,
plush, and the greatest item in the room
Let me remind you, it’s been a long time
since I’ve smelled another woman’s perfume
There are times I have to close my eyes
just some things I just don’t want to see
It’s childish, ridiculous, preposterous
to hear you yell at a sixty five inch TV
It doesn’t listen, respond, nor it does
it care your football team lost by three
For the love of God, just for once
Could you please think about me?

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I hold the most intimate


I hold your “personal” items

I hold your fixes and thoughts

I hold your chocolate

at the crack of midnight

I hold your lip gloss and chapstick

I hold the second volume

of your cherished diary

I hold items that give you something

that your husband can’t

I feel worthless

No shine

Others are silver

I’m made up of copper

Very little value

Laying in cars

Sleeping on nightstands

A hundred of me

complete a dollar

Often hear “Keep it”

when change is created

I’m not wanted or valued

I feel worthless

One cent says it all

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I am filled with darkness

and completely empty

I am losing touch

with full packages

I can not relate

Please fill me

with old clothes

to give to the poor

Please fill me

with toys

that children

can play with

Please fill me with

something meaningful

so that I can help

the deprived world

I am empty for a reason

to give others light

I am used

to color a fire truck

I am used

to color a stop sign

I am used

to color a red light

I am used

to color flames

I am used

to color Santa’s Claus’s outfit

I am used

to color a red ribbon

I am used

to color lipstick

I love the red crayon

Check out my books!

Never do I rest

Some are addicted

Always being used

Some abuse me

Rarely I am shut off

Some break me

I am full of so much

Some ruin lives

I can be a problem

Some people die

My purpose grew

I’m often used

at the worst times

I have a price tag

Unlike a human

Please use me


I am clear

I am measured

I am defined

I am used every day

I am a necessity

I am used to solve problems

I am beautiful

I am dramatic free

I am essential

I am needed

I am every where

I am value

I am not a color or a race

I’m written on

Sometimes I’m wasted

I’m typed on

Sometimes I’m abused

I can be in different colors

Sometimes I’m crinkled

I’m different sizes

Sometimes I’m over used

I’m made into an airplane

Sometimes I wonder …

If I will ever disappear