Sidewalk cartwheels

East coast dreary November

Trombones singing on 3rd Street

crooning a morning lullaby

Early 19th century brick walls

tap dancing to rain drizzling

Sniffles and heartache

Numb fingertips dialing phones

Chit chat Reverberations

Chimes galore and sneezing graffiti

Dust from the faded stars fall

Art Tatum playing in a pool hall

Styling in a limousine black suit

Conversations slowly undressing

A voice soaked in a bottle of rum

speaks in the dead of the night

Strutting out of the door

with his golden plated cane

Humming to the sound of Al Jolson

Check out my books!

Gliding into a smog

Pouring firewater into a shot glass

Exchanging gossip over

mixed drinks wrapped around

a mesmerizing saxophone

Overheating remarks on Socrates

Reciting lines from the book of Proverbs

Observing the couple in the

deep chocolate booth sipping

on luscious martinis and chain smoke

to the sound of the rhapsody

Entwined notes and soulful galore

Hypnotized to his shuffling feet

As he sways back and forth

Nicknaming him Jazz Brown

A entertainer in the center of the heart

Playing for thousands over decades

Married to his sweet saxophone