Mistress of manipulation

Teeth like six inch nails

Scorned and vindictive

A vile bombastic air

Ferocious and cold as ice

19th century gambling thief

A leach in the thick of the night

Deceptive with stained edges

Hungry and thirsty for greed

Invisible spikes in her neck

Voluptuous and poisonous

Hurricanes and monsters dance

in her soul guzzling scotch

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Consistently voiceless

Expectations in her mind

Built like a sand castle

Clenching on to wishes

Afraid to speak from the light

Crushed on the inside

A revolving door

Will that change this year?

Her approach or mindset

Whiplashed with sex appeal

A romantic traditionalist

Made from tulips and sugar

A ballroom dancing princess

Draped in a lavender dress

Scorching from head to toe

Pleasant and engaging chats

Up until 3am twirling her hair

A delicate but vibrant smile

An armor inner strength

Bluesy and soft jazz soul

Billie Holiday playing in her

erotic and adorable mind

A woman of excellence

Diverse and stimulating

A crowded mind of fears

Jittery and suspicious

Building up angst and anxiety

Flaring panic button

Phobias in the pockets

Agitations and uneasiness jump

Carrying nightmares like a torch

burning in front of windows

Fright and terror giggle like teens

Trembles forever weighted

Screwed up to the center

“All I wanted to do was to have some fun”

A shout to the mind statement

Drinking and pleasure don’t mix at 16

Only 10 minutes of so called “love”

I listened to my senseless urges

We broke up after he was born

He said we can’t afford “it”

He told me he loved me

Should have listened to my parents

I made the rest of my life difficult

Everything is ten times harder

Born deceiver and storyteller

Creates havoc and consequences

Golden authentic fabricator

Generator of a wide web of deception

Original falsifier and con artist

A leader of noise and turmoil

Shaking cynical blood hound

Dressed as a loud pretender

A misfit among the thieves

Wearing rebellion as a trench coat

A cold villain underneath

Despises the crack of dawn

A vampire in the blood

Grunts sipping on coffee

Alluring on the outside

Angry at the universe

Stuck in contemplation

Dweller of the past

Loves the color black

Confused on the inside

Consistently questioning

her identity and sexuality

Lost like millions

Fragile and quiet

Emotionally abused

Worthless painted

On all four walls

in tragic thick blood

Staring at the letters

Losing herself not

recognizing her

stunning beauty

Tormented and scarred

Rediscovering the

starlight qualities

in her mid 30’s

Accepting her dim past

But rebuilt to be stronger

than ever before

Darling of the thrill

Coldness disappears

Sizzling personality

Vivacious and ascending

Tingling excitement

A soaring surge bolts

Incredibly desiring

Sparkling complexion

Provocative to the bone

Risqué and spicy

A tint of crimson

Far away and distant

Crushes my spirit

Mary – artwork

Braeden – Poem

Check out her blog if you haven’t, not only can she do art she can write. Mary is extremely very talented! This is our second collaboration and loved the artwork!

This is her book, Dakota Son.

He traded a Jose Canseco

baseball card for a catchers mitt

He gave his best friend twenty bucks

to ask Robin Metzger out for him

He took his graduation money

to purchase a car that lasted 8 months

He took an ounce of weed

to college to bribe his teacher

He asked his cell mate

for a pack of cigarettes

He got out of prison four years later

and had no clue where he was

Laced in Frost

Drawn with a silver tip

Blessed with perfect tip

Awestruck in alabaster

Bleached with kindness

Dipped with sweetness

Heart shaped like a pearl

A generous soul

Nurturing and polished

Delicate as a china doll

Maybe too fragile

Brittle and Frail

Mary – artwork

Braeden – Poem

Check out her blog if you haven’t, not only can she do art she can write. Mary is extremely very talented! She created the art based on the poem. I was very pleased!

This is her book, Dakota Son.