“I opened my eyes to see the ugliness and beauty of humanity”

Braeden Michaels creates a curve in the poetic stratosphere revealing glimpses of the characters who walk amidst the life of newly-widowed Stella Walker. By exposing the flaws, scars, quirks, and the light we see in each other, this profound collection generates a fine line between friendships and acquaintances.

Within these pages, we are introduced to different shades of colorful characters in varying points of their lives. Every poem describes the hidden truths and realities of human attributes. Each perfectly imperfect person we meet is a representation of the people we run across in our individual journeys which then become stepping stones in our own growth.

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Furious waves are dying. The gentleman in me is fading like a light. You carve out the tension and slowly I am denied. The more you take the less of me you receive.

You are not who you advertised. I remain calm as I construct a devious plan. I hold the wind in my hand. I have a defense. I made sure the world knows. Apocalyptic and cryptic I will speak. Repeating my words is not a option.

You use the word love but don’t show it. You use words you don’t express. The storm in this jungle has elevated to a hurricane. Patience is running thin. You love the image. You love the facade. You don’t love me. Say it. Admit it.

Black and white

photographs pluck

the tears from my eyes

Etched memories

never dissolve or fade

cherishing every kiss

Reminiscing the last

fifty years of preciousness

Embracing every second

Through the heights of

the golden mountains

and blackout valleys

Love never once

sat in the shade

In sadness and melancholy

I have to leave

Mulholland Drive tonight

I spent a lifetime

in this brick castle

with my beloved queen

May she Rest In Peace

as my heart is in pieces

B had asked to me to use this title for poem. 😊