I’m alone and sleeping in the cavern

I’m alone and sleeping in the gloom

And never do I cry

I’m alone and sleeping in the dusk

I’m alone and sleeping in the morning

And never do I bleed

I’m alone and sleeping in the twilight

I’m alone and sleeping in my coffin

And never do I pray

I’m alone and sleeping in the screams

I’m alone and sleeping in the silence

And never do I laugh

I’m alone and sleeping in the scars

I’m alone and sleeping in the obscurity

And never do I change

No prescription for your malady

No antidote for your cynical inflammation

No injection for your discolored points of view

No drug for your toxic disorder

No capsule for your upended character

No serum for your ill advised prejudice

No elixir for your disgusted stance

No dose for your insensitive notions

No sedative for your piles of insecurities

No remedy for your black and white beliefs

Rotten and spoiled

Under a behemoth sun

Thick as molasses

Bubbling and boiling

Covered in a thousand ants

Wretched and horrid

Even the dog whimpers

from gory stench

Earth worms screaming

A ruthless sight

Accidentally generated

Even the stars hide

behind the glossy clouds

Ground breaking substance

A couple created

living off the land

No animal will consume

Forever rancid

She fell in love

with his top hat and vaudeville looks

She fell in love

with his chocolate wit and ripped edge tone

She fell in love

with his Broadway voice and commanding demeanor

She fell in love

with his gloss and glitz of his sword

She fell in love with

his galant worth and the backbone of his confidence

She fell in love

with his chivalry and gentle heart

She fell in love

with his deep river and his stark raving armor

She fell in love

with his lyrics and got lost in the melody

Stride in the typhoon and seek the cornerstones

Rip the vocal chords from your non confrontational being

Walking through the motions never bridges the gap

Step in the watercolored storm and find

the essence

Stare at the wheels of my mind and dissect the glue

Patience is a feather sitting on a scale

Discussions become clinical

Conversations whirl in the palms

Obsolete pieces of the puzzle become weight on the shoulder

Walk on the path and speak from the inside

Not to appease or satisfy others

For once take a step forward to close the gap of fear

Latched on to a magnetic connection

Curiosity bounced like a pinball

Enticed by the gut wrenching truth

Exchanging pleasantries and kindness

Opening the wounds of humanity

Friendship was just a seed

Protective and guarded

Attraction was a laser beam

At a loss in my conflicted mind

Honesty killed the electricity

Remaining misunderstood

A stranger I will always be to her

Chopped up dialogue

Interpretations of saturation

Absorbed by lost brain waves

Unfolding by a misunderstanding

Swallowing mashed up berries

Filling heartache with sand

Surrounding it with ten pound cement

Reminiscing the foolishness

Blaming the scavengers

Walking down Cheap Wine Avenue

like a stray dog in an empty storm

Plagued with expectations

Relentlessly undressing the wounds

Baring the char broiled soul

Washing the spots of hands

Praying to turn to the left

to see the state of peace lane

She is gasping for unwanted air

She is gasping for light in the tunnel

And she chokes on anguish

She is gasping for truth in the desert

She is gasping for an identity

And she chokes on agony

She is gasping for a lost puzzle piece

She is gasping for a magnificent wind

And she chokes on torture

She is gasping for a masterpiece

She is gasping for clarity in the journey

And she chokes on misery

She is gasping for a sparkle in the night

She is gasping for a blistering miracle

And she chokes on fear inside

All you do is spin in a circumference

All you do is dwell in a circus

And it all feels the same

All you do is throw away the compass

All you do is dance in this sphere

And it all feels the same

All you do is stumble in the fuzz

All you do is rewind and push play

And it all feels the same

All you do is gravitate to a cycle

All you do is remain who you are

And it all feels the same

Before you

castrate me

Let me sew up

your cesspool

I’d rather hear

nails on a

chalkboard than

your satanic moans

see me, I’m a seamstress–

needle and thread

put away those bitch teeth

aching in your head

Before you

piss in my cornflakes

Let me shatter

and shred your

fake Barbie doll world

that lives in

my iconic kingdom

neath plastic skin

vinegar rivers–

acetic acid,


Before you

scream in my

volcanic ears

Let me watch

you cry as the

reality sinks deep

knowing no one

gives a shit

about your existence

I refuse to placate–

I’m the real deal

this is all your fault

to hell with how you feel

Kindra M. Austin ~ Italic Parts 

Braeden Michaels – Non Italic Parts

Surrounded by the shrapnel

Six thousand reasons to fade

A service in your polite eyes

Ungrateful and dissatisfied

Watch me flip in rectangles for you

Continuing to give the minimum

Throwing me up against the brick

wall like a domino

As you never give me an inch

Counting the years one by one

Year 15 is the most critical one

Please read it again

I am just a provider and a dollar sign

Prove to me differently

From bulldozing politics to

southern recipes

words glide

From the center of art history

to eye opening philosophy

words fly

From the core of love to

carburetors and steering wheels

words run

From the backbone of religion to

Roman orgies

words soar

From ancient reptiles to the

evolution of medicine

words are accented

From inward passions to the

hatred of war

words are like light

From the corner of your fears to

the offensive jokes

words scatter

Our universe is open for discussion

Destroyed trust smeared on shingles

Ruins spread out over the dismantled carpet

Locked up gates surrounding decrepit doors

Components of ancient clocks in disgust

Splinters in necks of apathetic voices

Arms folding like a hand of cards

Negligence lingers in the crisp air

Carelessness hobbling on a narrow path

Monotony standing tall and shrewd

Incuriosity bounces like a dodgeball

Separation is coughed up like phlegm

Alienation is the divine appetite

Four mile road of still emptiness

Unfortunately many reside in a glance of reality

Never under estimate

the voltage of affection


Never fear the force

of precious sentiments


Never be afraid

of the overwhelming tears


Never neglect the seeds

of devotion


Never ignore the moments

that you once embraced


Never give up on love