I turned to my side

I opened up my bumble bee eyes

I flew out of bed with so much joy

I am Blair the bumble bee boy

I’m anxious to take a bath

I’m excited to learn some math

I’m buzzing to learn the ABC’s

I’m delighted to learn some history

There are so many subjects I need to know

I want to make sure my vocabulary grows

I want to sting in all of this information

It’s important to me that I value my education

Under the blazing sun

Sheldon weighed more than 2 tons

He appeared to like the heat

He loved the dirt on his feet

He seemed to be afraid of being wet

Liquid on his body he did not get

He saw others playing in the pond

Tamara, Cecil, Wilma and John

They waved and invited him in

Sheldon shook his head no

“I don’t want to swim”

He ignored them and refused to play

Many didn’t know what to say

Under Cecil’s breath the words rolled

off his tongue

“What hippopotamus doesn’t love water

in this brutal sun?”

“He is one preposterous hippopotamus.”

Sheldon heard this and it made him very upset

No one understood that he just didn’t want to get wet

One day Tamara sat next to Sheldon and told him she was sad

She wanted him to give it a chance and realize it’s not all that bad

Sheldon thought it through and crawled to the pond

Everyone’s eyes were on him as he sat next to John

They were all happy, excited, and elated to see Sheldon play

Cecil yelled out “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Sheldon did enjoy playing with his friends

He knew he would be in the pond again