Icicles of vulnerability

dangle over my crucified nerves

Leisurely indulging

a mass consumption of integrity

Thickening the backbone

Watching frustrations corrode

Tortuously eyeballing the poison

seep in my blush vertebrae

Struggling between the roar of

disarray and the calm light

Hacking up chunks of sincerity

Clearing my throat to voice

the sound of everlasting waves

from my vibrant spine

Drops of sorrow fall to my feet

Faith never misled my center

Stumbling into a fuzzy

and sanitized brainstorm

Watching the fury

leave stains where the mime

inside placed his hands

on the four by four box

Chatter dissolves

Blood clots stricken

Nonstop convulsions

A falling stigma is spread

like dust on the tricks

of my broken down mind

Fears wallow

Doubt hangs like tree branches

in a distraught hurricane

Analytics in bold

Emotions shredded

Wiping away the dirt from

my cynical and distant eyes

Leaving the mime inside

cry like a new born baby

Constantly misunderstood

A misguided circus fumbling

through the fog

A part of me is the feather

of a soaring bird

Never falling to the ground

without direction

Grasping the words of the prayer

Sent to God from a letter

Please save the mime

Check out my books!

Never under estimate

the voltage of affection


Never fear the force

of precious sentiments


Never be afraid

of the overwhelming tears


Never neglect the seeds

of devotion


Never ignore the moments

that you once embraced


Never give up on love

Constricted thoughts

Sterile and hazy emptiness

Extracting her vertebrae

Wallowing in a glossy prison

On troubled and dented knees

Praying to a paper God

Dwelling in the unanswered

Commanding the stage

Not comprehending lack

of guided presence

Outraged and shouting

a pile of obscenities

Not separating the distinction

between faith and belief

Check out my books!

I caress your benevolence

I caress your chained insecurities

I caress your shards of the moon

I’m craving your fragrance

I caress your stimulation

I caress your trusting mind

I caress your value of a dollar

I have an overwhelming desire

I caress your fallen tears

I caress your blanket covering your stitches

I caress your overflowing soul

I’m sleepless in your dreams

I caress your supple skin

I caress your endowing heart

I caress your fingertips

I’m hopelessly drowning in you