Staring at your vivid portrait

Awestruck and floating butterflies

soaring in my stomach

Tingling sensations in my bones

Enamored with your animated spirit

Full of zest and enthusiasm

A wondrous and gentle endearment

Voluptuous from head to toe

Captivating to the delicate core

Amazed by your enticing hurricane

Hot blooded and seductive

Drawn to your language and accent

Gorgeous makes me crazy

Siren tongue lashing

Boiling altercation

Turning friction

into shocking magnetism

Slithering tensions

Desires eating away within

Locking away the voices

Ignoring the dangers

Releasing frustrations

in layers of colorful poetry

Disguised in a red arrow mask

Blood thirsty urges rise

Vigorous thumping

Awaiting to erupt

Watching Italian ice drip

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In a garden of remembrance
Under a blinking and winter moon
Our love shimmers and blossoms
Inhaling your joyful smile
Memories guiding me to your heart
Seeking a resting place of tranquility

In a garden of remembrance
I found a shadow and light that reveals your beauty
Our love sparkles and glistens
Exhaling your graceful spirit
Memories flowing like a river to your heart
Residing in your sensitive arms

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Flourishing joy
An abundance of butterflies
Sinking in mush
Overflowing of blossoms
My daunting sunshine

Saturated in kisses
Caressing precious skin
Merging as an invincible love
Weaves of everlasting innocence
My daunting sunshine

Unraveling the power of touch
Overwhelming grace
Drowning in your beauty
Falling for a miracle
My daunting sunshine

I relish in the sunshine

on your magical tongue

I savor the sentiments

on your flammable lips

I admire the sweetness

from your miraculous smile

I idolize the brightness

of your strength

I am fascinated by the glow

of your heart beat

I cherish your fingertips

and your precious touch

I honor your intellect

and your neon kindness

I am attached to your

soothing voice

I appreciate your rainbows

and the edges of your heart

Vigorously illuminating

She’s overworked

Quite compelling

She’s overtired

Completely potent

She’s giving

Magically robust

She’s asleep on the couch at 1AM

Forever lovely

She’s precious

Make up less

She’s still captivating

Deserves everything

She deserves a forehead kiss

I struggle with my senses

I struggle with the attraction

I struggle keeping you out of my mind

I struggle with the enigma

I struggle with the forces

I struggle keeping the distance

I struggle with the hurricane

I struggle with the power of the waves

I struggle keeping you in a box

I struggle with the mystery

I struggle with my imagination

I struggle keeping you outside of it

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Hatred developed like a photograph

Slipping the venom with a twelve inch needle

Violent spasms tingle in rhythm

Lust is the saliva on my irritated tongue

A gust of shivers soaring at sixty miles per hour

Nailing like a rusty hammer

Selfishness and submissiveness collide

Wrapping hands around the bullhorn

Releasing the spite in her open mouth

In this sweet and taboo temptation

Rare and serene love making twitch

Watching love flicker like a switch

Misguided by all of the sensations

Lust is driven by overblown heat

Grabbing and surrendering fire

Aching and craving raging desire

Blood rushing from head to feet

In this salty and disgusting mess

You said words you didn’t mean

Forcing me to remove my dress

Watching this unfold become obscene

We are here knowing you mean less

Hoping that this was all a dream

Spine tingling joy

Dashes of a stirring fever

Between dangerous arms

A hurricane of invigorating flames

Influential and inspirational

Carrying an overpowering mind

Flustered and disoriented

Inside a brilliant sea of lust

A potent dialogue

Dazzling and stimulating

Constant and consistent

Exhilarating flirts

Distracted from the traces of desire

Thoughts of you bend ninety degrees

Fallen words seem to swirl

We are candy among strangers

Sweetness drips from the corners

Deep scars displayed widely

Thoughts of you doesn’t see an exit

Ignoring temptations and attraction

Feeling small and idiotic

Gripping onto selfishness

Desiring someone unattainable

From the scribbled crux

to the highest point of sensations

your name clears my throat

Vast skin tingles and thirst growls

Oceans of lust gurgle

your name silences the storm

From your intellect and strength

to your brilliant essence

your entirety is astonishing

Stunning and remarkable

A decade of beauty

Thought to be fictitious

your name is unprecedented

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I cherished the rose petals that paraded in her afterglow

I cherished the softness that stood still on her cheeks

Our love felt like a dream

I cherished the happiness that smelled like perfume

I cherished the smile that never left the carnival in my mind

Our love felt like a fairy tale

I cherished the innocence and the sugar that fused under the moonlight

I cherished the watercolors that fell from her precious sky

Our love felt like a rainbow

I cherished the harmony and kindness that I felt from her kiss

I cherished the light and dark that she cradled forevermore

Our love felt like it would never die

Jungle like appetites dangle
Salivating like a savage
Like a cherry to be swallowed whole
Gulping down the passion
Engulfing like a predator

Primeval serpent enslaving
With exquisite poison, lashing
Languishing deep within
Force, forced ever deeper
Into the narrow, miry abyss

Gobbling and feverish groans
Temptations shredded to bits
Comfort and smoothness meshing
Melting desires in our hands
Tasting a scrumptious spot

Arching, stretched bow taut
Drawing ever deeper
Writhing lost in ecstasy
Agony, awareness fades
All sensation focused

Animalistic tension glaring
Expletive moans thicken
Ignoring the glowing sunrise
Peaks of euphoria strike
Unbelievable chemistry

Clutching, rising, reaching
Gasping, the final plateau
Feeling omnipotent, puissant
Shuddering slow descent
Into childlike peace

Releasing the outcome
Intoxicating visual
Mind blowing eye contact
Flowing like a heavenly river
Round one complete

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All About Life – Italics

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A Goddess among queens

Fearful and destructive

Volcanic eruptions

A conniving manipulator

Overbearing and hostile

Seductive chains

A bewitching dictator

Terrorizing razor

Lethal injections

A deceitful treacherous woman

Hellacious and ruling

Ruthless vixen

A circling blood clot in her veins

Former lover

Exhausted from the breathtaking gust

Replaying all the motions

of the perfect night

Mesmerized by her soothing moans

Our entangled bodies merged

The unspoken dance curved into a

ballad I can’t shut off inside myself

The satin moonlight was held in

our fingertips

Words never uttered under the covers

Only blissful flames and never ending


Louis Armstrong playing in my

right ear

Dinah Washington playing in my

left ear

Caressing the tender sunrise as I gaze

at her magnificence

Love was etched from the melody

Not the unwritten lyrics

Roses are red

Violets are blue

So much to love

about sensational you

Full of kindness

and tender joy

Abundance of life

Glowing spirit

A wonderful gem

Shining and rare

Sparks dancing around you

A never ending spectrum

of spectacularity

Loving and embracing

the fall and height

All begins with

Roses and violets

in your remarkable eyes