I’ve walked in the house of 10,000 socks

Right in the center of the room was

a checkerboard clock

From zig zag, polka dots, solid and all the colors from the rainbow

I couldn’t believe what I saw and had no where to go

Piles and piles, stacked up next to the walls

Socks everywhere and down the hall

When the clock struck nine it made a rambunctious noise

From the very top bursted 10,000 tiny toys

The socks begin to move and out came the Zentals

I couldn’t believe what I saw, they seemed very kind and all very gentle

They played and played until it was dark

They were very nice and had big hearts

The Zentals were giving and very caring

They had wonderful manners and understood sharing

They crawled back into the socks and turned off the lights

You could hear 10,000 Zentals saying good night!

I snarled at the green stuff on my plate

I stared at something I refused to taste

She looked at me and said “Eat those Brussel Sprouts!”

“Mom this is something I could live without!”

She stood there sternly and put her hands on her hips

“I better see those Brussel Sprouts meet your lips!”

I glared at those green balls and closed my eyes

I opened up my mouth and told one Brussel Sprout goodbye

I couldn’t believe that it was yummy!

I couldn’t believe that it was happy in my tummy!

I turned to my side

I opened up my bumble bee eyes

I flew out of bed with so much joy

I am Blair the bumble bee boy

I’m anxious to take a bath

I’m excited to learn some math

I’m buzzing to learn the ABC’s

I’m delighted to learn some history

There are so many subjects I need to know

I want to make sure my vocabulary grows

I want to sting in all of this information

It’s important to me that I value my education