Congested on fabrication

Summarizing chaos

Condensing ignorance

Abbreviating points of view

Pondering quick judgement

Oblivious first impressions

Downsizing the circle

Maximum serenity

Reducing nonsense

Following instincts

Sketching visions

Recognizing the difference

between acquaintances

and loyalists

Stumbling into a fuzzy

and sanitized brainstorm

Watching the fury

leave stains where the mime

inside placed his hands

on the four by four box

Chatter dissolves

Blood clots stricken

Nonstop convulsions

A falling stigma is spread

like dust on the tricks

of my broken down mind

Fears wallow

Doubt hangs like tree branches

in a distraught hurricane

Analytics in bold

Emotions shredded

Wiping away the dirt from

my cynical and distant eyes

Leaving the mime inside

cry like a new born baby

Constantly misunderstood

A misguided circus fumbling

through the fog

A part of me is the feather

of a soaring bird

Never falling to the ground

without direction

Grasping the words of the prayer

Sent to God from a letter

Please save the mime

Check out my books!

How many times

must I repeat myself?

You claim to listen

But you just hear

You are lost in touch

Forgot the beginning

Along the way

Your true color appeared

in front of me

We’ve come this far

I have an option

that never entered

your simple mind

We aren’t going to

to throw away the

broken record

I will toss the record

player all by myself

so you can play it

somewhere else

I use to languish in the polygon of my weeping mind

I thirst for the fragments of my anguish to mold my center

I use to sulk inside myself and drink the wine of selfishness

I sunk my teeth into the dejection

I use to dwell in the camouflage and sink in my words

I swam in the black river under the oppression

I use to neglect faith and drown in the empty tear ducts

I fell into the depths of silence

I use to grieve in the awaken sadness and never sleep

I felt the last breath deceive me

I use to shed my dead skin in the morning to erase the gloomy nights

I carried a chain of misery

I use to gasp at the hollowness and gazed at the autograph

I refused to stare at the nemesis

I saw the signature and found it revolting

A transformation within shouted

Florescent wildfire

A scattered chill

Ignited by your tongue

World class enthusiast

Lessons learned

Sincerely apologetic

Exposed to your

magnetizing glass world

Sensing fragility

But armor and strength

Cherishing every second

Recording your laughter

Questions compiling

Curiosity rises

Raising me to the clouds

Wishing for three more hours

Everlasting champagne skies
Dying cold waterfalls
Vivid colors of translucent dreams
Walking miracles laugh
Deep radiant horizons glare
Sunrises aching for shade
Fences surrounding fears
Trees covering the empty shadows
Lost joys of sipping wine
Sweethearts divide by words
Lovebirds fly away from each other
Flashbacks of butterflies singing
Memories of hands tangled
Serenading voice of trust
Quietly disappear like a ghost
Endings evaporate into beginnings.

She scrawled until she was dizzy

Paragraphs of former lovers

She raised a glass of champagne

to her wrecking divorce

Cut off the emptiness

She stood in front of the

awkward silence and crying sunrise

She ignored the pointing fingers

of the masses

A tint of courage glares

She waved goodbye to her chain

and thoughtless pigeon

A flag of independence was raised

She opened up the door to freedom

She ran outside the margins

Bounds were not outlined

She thought the glass was half empty

She tore the corner of her mind

Unveiling a book without a name

She saw a glimpse of a brave

and unabashed sphere

I am beginning to resent you
I can see that I was right
I can recognize you don’t have the strength
I can see what you didn’t hear
I am seeing what I expected to happen
I can see I hated being right
I tried to give you the warnings
I gave you everything you could want
I am becoming ignored
It shows you were not prepared

Condescending aficionado
speaks from a barbaric abyss
Staking claims and forecasts
reeking of gin and vermouth

He paws
He claws
Relentless and crude

Staring at her fishnet stalkings
waiting for her lipstick stains
delicious Coca Cola bottle curves
Inhaling her wicked scent

He probes
He pushes
Distasteful and off putting

Sucking in helium and lithium
personality rising higher than balloons
Viewing others as outcasts
engaging as a insidious vulture

He commands
He yells
Unforgiving and selfish

Demanding perverse declarations
Instilling superficial values
She crawls away from the blood hound
gazing at the sign of bittersweet crossroads

She kicks
She cries
Embracing the freedom