A fan of Cannonball Adderley

Casual drinker of Whiskey and sour

Resided in Tampa Bay, Florida

A man who loved “Carol Burnett and Friends”

Terribly shattered and lost

Married for 10 glorious years

Left him for another man

That could produce children

Now residing in Columbus, Ohio

to find the pieces of his broken heart

Gazing at the naked canvas words flutter like butterflies above the chill meadow. Shoulders becoming weightless as I speak to my inner world. I saw a dying circus. I witnessed crimes of lust in my pointless dreams. I sat in the fields under a treacherous sky. I stared into the innocent clown with a tear jerking frown. My feet are feeling like boulders. I was starving for salvation. I snarled at the venom in the second paragraph. I fell to the roses that read my poetry. I embraced the words of Mary Oliver. I heard the chimes of Hemingway. I thanked Frost for the road not taken. I felt the elegance of the chandelier. I saw my fears disappear in the clouds. I saw love at first sight. I worshiped the fragrance of authors. I no longer feel the stirs of blocked words. I saw the sinister leaves blow away. I felt the breeze of completeness consume me.

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Heart stopping and astonishing

A wondrous ray of shine

Spine tingling and thrilling

An extraordinary spirit

Loving her twinkle

Electrifying and rip roaring

A stimulating dove in the clouds

Provocative and sensational

An impressive personality

First class and remarkable

Loving her morning rain

A lightening center

Spectacular and unbelievable

A miracle for my eyes

Marvelous and staggering

A beautiful human being

She’s out there somewhere

or just in my dreams

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I still get lost in your euphoric eyes

I still get goosebumps when we touch

I still get chills when I lay beside you

I still get a smile when I look at you

I still get teary eyed knowing you are mine

I still get excited when I smell your perfume

I still get a fire burning in my heart from the sight of your face

I still get to fall in love with you every day

I kill myself to please the unappreciative

I kill myself to be the juggling act

Thank you for me leaving me in the corner

I kill myself to save you from the trenches

I kill myself to be something I’m not

Thank you for hanging me in the light

I kill myself to write the perfect script

I kill myself to grip onto the last prayer

Thank you for the cynical laugh

I kill myself to seek answers that don’t exist

I kill myself to satisfy all that you crave

Thank you for showing up to my funeral

Sipping on brandy
As the conversations stir like drinks
In the corner of my eye walks a stunning beauty
Candlelit piano played with only finger tips
Glancing at her crimson dress from a distance
Nonchalantly photographing her candy lips
Thoughts of caressing her skin flow like a river through my mind
The Mayfield jazz club oozes sensuality, lust, dripping magic, and chills of the spine.
Our eyes meet for the first time and the moment stood still.
The piano is playing endlessly as I pay the check in the clouds of smoke
The dance floor is empty as I stand in the center
Volts of passion soar through my body waiting to just dance with the most beautiful woman in the room
Elegance walks towards me as my hands wait
I place my hands on her waist and feel the silk of the dress
Our lips are inches apart waiting to connect
We move to the sound of the delicate piano as we do not speak a word
As the jazz club empties invincible fire is burning as we continue the unspoken dance
The radiance of her beauty is astonishing
I craved her essence and warmth
I respected and cherished every second
Instead of kissing her lips I leaned in to place my lips on her cheek
As our bodies became closer to the sound of the piano I whispered in her ear
“I want to make love to you.”

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Life is full of fast twists and slow turns

Life is full of unwritten expiration dates

Life is full of stages that blend together

Life is full of doors that open and close

Life is full of endings and beginnings

Life is full of mistakes and lessons

Life is full of blessings in disguise

Life is full of dreams and nightmares

Life is full of shades and sparks of reality

Life is full of diamonds in the rough

Life is full of unfounded treasures

Life is full of tears of joy and sorrow

Life is full of memories that we create

Life is full of wishes and memories that we had hope to make

In and out of affection

In and out of disoriented dreams

Falling and fading away

In and out misguided love

In and out of a lost fantasy

Falling and fading away

In and out of human touch

In and out of down pouring rain

Falling and fading away

In and out of what use to be

In and out of what is gone

Falling and fading away

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I felt the slick editing

pawing the lust in the paragraphs

Turn the page

I was lured by the gravitational pull

and the scent of the ink

Turn the page

I stared at the flames between

each word

Turn the page

I must confess that ecstasy was

painted with your sighs

Turn the page

I stood between the desires and

the tingling sensations

Turn the page

I watched the letters blend into one

as our insides turned into mush

Turn the page

I want to suffocate in your bliss

I want to plunge into your beloved river

I want to soak up your sincerity

Open up and let me find you

I fell for your afterglow

I want to be overwhelmed by your eyes

I want to sink in your palm

I want to be strangled by your affection

Open up and let me see you

I fell for your silver tongue

I want to be enthralled by your charm

I want to consume your high flames

I want to sleep between your light and dark

Open up and let me feel you

I fell for your enchanting universe

I want to soak up your character

I want to touch your insecurities

I want to kiss your lips of heaven

Open up and let me listen to you

I fell for your wisdom dripping from you

There is a light chance

of vodka on the rocks

I can see the precipitation

of Jim Beam and coke

There will be a blizzard

of Sam Adams and Guinness

I can feel the storm

of Gin and Tonic

Out west there is a blazing ray

of Long Island Ice Teas

Up north through out the week

You will taste Bloody Mary’s

By the end your head will spin

and pass out due to consumption

Never will I forget your palm

Never will I forget your kiss in the wind

Never will I forget your precious star

Never will I forget the crack in the pavement

Never will I forget the sparkling memories

Never will I forget your endless passion

Never will I forget the missing number from your mailbox

Never will I forget the calm sea in your eyes

Never will I forget the color of your door

Never will I forget the letter I read before you left

Never will I forget your wings of freedom

Never will I forget the faded sign