Destroyed trust smeared on shingles

Ruins spread out over the dismantled carpet

Locked up gates surrounding decrepit doors

Components of ancient clocks in disgust

Splinters in necks of apathetic voices

Arms folding like a hand of cards

Negligence lingers in the crisp air

Carelessness hobbling on a narrow path

Monotony standing tall and shrewd

Incuriosity bounces like a dodgeball

Separation is coughed up like phlegm

Alienation is the divine appetite

Four mile road of still emptiness

Unfortunately many reside in a glance of reality

Never will I forget your palm

Never will I forget your kiss in the wind

Never will I forget your precious star

Never will I forget the crack in the pavement

Never will I forget the sparkling memories

Never will I forget your endless passion

Never will I forget the missing number from your mailbox

Never will I forget the calm sea in your eyes

Never will I forget the color of your door

Never will I forget the letter I read before you left

Never will I forget your wings of freedom

Never will I forget the faded sign

Lonely park benches

Seeking warmth and comfort

Posted in a local newspaper

Ice Cream shops fizzle

Wanted signs hung

“Lover of 101 flavors”

Acoustic guitars scream at

5am pleading for a

dreamy love song or lullaby

on Leaping Hearts Avenue

of Northern France

Moonlights reflect on the

crying and moaning ocean

“I’m just full of water but

empty on the inside”

Without a vein blood can’t

rush to the aching heart

Staring into the

desolate snow globe

watching my brittle

tears howl from the chair

Craving novacane for

my anorexic heart

Gravitating to the infection

that is soaking to

my sensitive past

Refusing to retrace

my footsteps of

Chestnut street

Tangled ghosts weave

through out my

strewed mind

Only to see a glimpse

of a debilitating disease

Concentrating on the

disappearing inner tyke

Becoming a nomad within

Placing my hands in my

ragged and faded jeans

trying to capture the light

of playing hopscotch

No matter how many times

I seek the clarity and purity

of my jagged youth

Chestnut Street is just a sign

on a ten foot pole

*Laurel has asked me to use this street name for the Challenge.

Between the handshakes and

the cold New Hampshire hospitality

Salutations and red carpets

are the cornerstones of this

broken down concrete

Standing ovations and hugs

are shared among the living

from the golden curbs

Wreaths of prosperity are

hung on the door all year round

Love thy neighbor is a

song sung in multiple languages

Perhaps Welcome Street is

the Apple pie of the United States

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Goodbye desolate shivers

Goodbye forgotten aches

Goodbye swallowed tears

Goodbye opaque walls

Goodbye erratic fears

Goodbye discarded pages

Goodbye to a dark clown’s frown

Goodbye to a lightless mirage

Goodbye to my lost and last words

Goodbye to the faceless sun

Goodbye meaningless friendships

Goodbye somber passions

Goodbye sensitive heart

Goodbye drowning memories

Goodbye deep blue sky

Goodbye unread poetry

Goodbye Trampled Feelings Pass

Trembling locked lips

underneath the flashing red light

Caution tape torn between

Wicked Lust Lane and Insatiable road

Full force of ripped love

Entangled speeding tickets

Stilettos bright as fire engine red

walking Romeo’s Kiss Boulevard

Seeking infatuation and

burning sensations among the chatter

Sirens storming in the air

Exploring hands twisting

Passing every stop sign

down this riveting and passionate road

Stale chips

fallen on a checkered pattern

linoleum floor

Empty pizza boxes

stacked on a granite

counter top

Blaring from the speakers

Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits

Reminiscing of old times

Lost arguments boil

to the rim and simmer down

Recognizing friendships

are made to last unlike

marriages and cars

Green pastures and mountain

eagle like views overtake

your narrow perception

on Coach Road in

the quiet town of 4000 humans

Only the stars become thick

and the air is gold in

the heart of Northern Ireland

I took a sharp turn

down dishonesty lane

and witnessed corruption

I went around the bend

to discover a narrow

jealousy road

After the tunnel I drove

a hundred miles on

a wide open faith road

I took a winding right

on the angry dirt path

I’m only fifty miles

away from Random Avenue

I was told I would see

Dancers, vigilantes, prostitutes,

and painters on the

brittle sidewalk

I would glance up at

shattered windows

and bronze slumbers

I will admit I was terrified

to travel down Random Avenue

and see the invisible scarecrows

Visualizing clenched hands to the

steering wheel feeling

the chaos and poverty

in the brisk air

*Say no to clowns had asked me to use
this title for Challenge

Before you make a sharp turn

on Over Exaggerated Lane

Signs for Decaying Truth Hill

are on your right in front

of the redwood trees

Follow the uneven road

and you will see Disturbance Road

Veer to the left and see the

old rotted sign for Route Bloodsucker

Drive twenty miles with

irritated skin and a defying mistress

Overloads of fierce tension

will consume your one track mind

Disconnect the alarm clocks

as you drive on the famous

Saturated with Rage Byway


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Cut throat and diabolical

she glared

Submissive and tattooed

she stood

Slippery and rhythmic

she moved

Street lights vanish

Stores shut down

when I hear her name

Insatiable and sensuous

she spoke

Vibrant and provocative

she breathes

Desirous and seductive

she is

Skyscrapers tremble

Televisions disconnect

when I speak her name

Venomous and flirtatious

she struts

Inviting and delicious

she growls

Lovesick and addictive

she kneels

I met her on Waterloo Street

Fluctuating economy

Stimulating Dow Jones

Buying and selling

In the eyes of the dollar sign

watching corporate America

Staring at bonds maturing

Building portfolios instead

of solid credibility

Complexity of convexity

Depreciating values

Staggering interest rates

Exploration of investments

Discussing volatile markets

Among a million decorated suits

Gripping risks and strapping

onto fixed incomes

Expecting returns on a rush

of thin adrenaline

Motivated by the number one root

of pure evil

Charming pavement

Dazzling hopscotch

Skipping and jumping

Appreciation overload

Barely touching

the luminous ground

Dressed in affection

Block away from the

Everlasting sugar factory

A smile away from the

beaming playground

Sounds of belly ache

laughter and pride

Wishing the entire town

was abundant of love

and respecting humanity

Hoping and praying

the elated joy will expand

beyond this holy cement

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From the glistening waves

to the boundless shore

Strings of love dwell

in the enchanted violin

From the untamed daisies

to the serene marigolds

Appetites of wicked flames

burn in a pink stratosphere

From the beaming sunrise

to the caress of your hand

Admiration is a blazing star

above Cupids’ Dream Drive

Shadows or darkness

become a lost road of lust

Only worship and devotion

entwine on this long concrete

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Strolling down

Bleeding Havoc Lane

Counting the

shattered porch lights

Awakened by the

mountains of trash

Recognizing the last

names on the mail boxes

Falling aluminum siding

Mesmerized by the

paint chips

Boarded up windows

Awkward silence

Desolate skeletons

in the mourning closets

Tortured furniture

is howling at midnight

Roots below the ground

remain pessimistic

Only whiskey pours

from the ancient faucets

Slowly I pull up to the

street sign

Eyeing up the tape covering

the name

Tearing it off like it’s a sore


Burnt Memories displayed