Pearl of the generation

A gypsy in psychedelic rock

Chugging beers in her bellbottoms

The queen of Woodstock

Unforgettable decorated wail

In the circle of the blues

Never drove a Mercedes Ben

Taking a piece of my heart

Playing Try just a little harder

over and over

Addictions took her away

Forever Me and Bobby McGee

I kissed your lips for the first time and felt a chill travel down my spine. I savored the goosebumps. I knew it was the beginning of something amazing. I felt love echo. I embraced the tapestry. I didn’t want to stop kissing you. I saw a glimpse of our future within the melting. I saw skies open up and felt rain dance on my tongue. I was petrified. A part of me was frozen but yet another part was mesmerized. I knew when I placed my hand on your cheek this was meant to be forever.

I wrote a letter to emptiness but lost the address. I sought out the curves of my stars.I ran toward apathy but saw scattered dreams in a coffin. I was told to be practical. I walked through a smoke screen and ignored my instincts. I saw a future of formality’s as passion sat in a cage. I wrote another letter to emptiness and it was returned to sender. A bold red stamp was on the bottom of the letter. Find yourself.

I scratched my itch

I packed my bags

I didn’t laugh

I couldn’t say a word

They were already said

I held in the jungle

I swallowed my confusion

I didn’t see the condition

I couldn’t see the barriers

They were already built

I walked away from the illusion

I quietly closed the door

I saw a new found path

They were always there

I just ignored them


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