Curling inside the cylinder

Walking on a plane

Cutting up the circle

Seeking the blistering radius

Dissecting the intersection points

Slipping in symmetry

On the edge of a Cartesian distance

Defining the articulation

Inside the angles and 3D lines

Glaring at the 2d lines

Placing the trihedron

Sliding down the cone

Hiding behind the slot

From hexagons to lines

A world of preciseness and exactness

Divine numbers are bold

No gray in the atmosphere

A place without emotions or drama

No mystery in the madness

Problem solved

Untamed and unforgettable

Ripple effect spreads like a disease

Lip licking and chomping

Like a wounded dog without a collar

Even your shadows cry

All you do is scratch

Tick tock…

Chasing traumatized winds

Clotheslined by barbwire

A feared and reckless beast

Gnawing at my insides

Even your skin is distasteful

All you do is claw

Tick tock…

Crippling my essence

Ruthless and disturbing you crawl

A relentless bitch

Foaming at the mouth

Even your tears want to run from you

All you do is manipulate

Tick tock…

You won’t know what hit you