Exacerbated teeth

Displeased tone

Fiercely antagonized

Resentful up to the neck

Offensive esophagus

Twitching irrationally

Ill tempered and fuming

Provoked by repetition

Inflamed and irritated

Constantly harping

Strapped in defense

Whiplashing an offense

Sore and wrathful

Frozen solid to the center

A fistful of anger

Disrespectful and disregarded

Mouthful of harsh words

A storming outburst

Hanging acid from the corners

Bitter and twice bitten

Open up the wounds

One brutal tongue lashing

A mouth ajar

Sentimental winks

Rhythmic nod

Affection fluctuating

Tensions vibrating

Rising temperatures

Thoughts circling

Craving touch

Embracing pleasures

Lost in a trance

Clenched hands

Trembling fingers

Love and lust entangled

Chances taken

Fear of the unknown

Risking a silent heart beat

Mended old wounds

Slowly opening up

Slightly guarded

Light bulbs go on

The word living is alive

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Like a sunburn in the desert

skin bright as copper

Peeling the layer of desensitized

anger off with bitter teeth

Lackluster consideration

Wrapped around her centered self

No longer grasping of love

Magenta saliva dripping off

his jaded and reckless tongue

Calm like a silent bomb

Ripped off exasperation

Provoking frustrations

Boiling animosity and tantrums

Scratched and irritated affection

Pecks and lifeless cold shoulders

Struggling to confine the stew

Outraged by the stillness

A piece of mind is endlessly shaking

Exclaimed Hallelujah

Absorbing bullets and ricochets

Snap judgements built

An escape to silence

Tripping in debates

Haunting verbiage circling

like a disco ball in my mind

Waiting to exhale

Cynical metaphors drift

Waiting for your backlash

A born tragedy oscillating

Live wires misguided

Cold shoulder ramblings

Slapstick humor shuffling

like feet on cracked sidewalk

Stuck in the crevice

Misfiring hollow words

Disfigured and demeaning

Wrapped around false claims

A clash of the intellect

Distorted and torn apart

Leaving bits of the wolves

Words ripped at the seams

1/16 inch thin layers

Appealing to the saliva of the dogs

Overrated and shallow interiors

Claiming to be a superior

A rancid exterior to animals

Gritting my frustrated teeth

Recognizing a frivolous mind

Intellectually inept and blank

A lost Aardvark in the dessert

Shutting you off like a valve

Lacking the ability to digest

Mad at myself for allowing you in

A crawling fool on the inside

Seeking depth and connection

Seeing an overhyped individual

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Gliding into a smog

Pouring firewater into a shot glass

Exchanging gossip over

mixed drinks wrapped around

a mesmerizing saxophone

Overheating remarks on Socrates

Reciting lines from the book of Proverbs

Observing the couple in the

deep chocolate booth sipping

on luscious martinis and chain smoke

to the sound of the rhapsody

Entwined notes and soulful galore

Hypnotized to his shuffling feet

As he sways back and forth

Nicknaming him Jazz Brown

A entertainer in the center of the heart

Playing for thousands over decades

Married to his sweet saxophone

Eyeballing the coordinates

Interpreting and measuring the angles

Shoveled efforts plead cases

in the clay and dim ground

Removed discussions and grief

Presenting facts and disregarding

lethal gut wrenching emotion

Pulling left to be right

Pushing right to be wrong

Winning is irrelevant and misguided

Grazing thoughts of compassion

Understanding points of view

Too much gray between black and white

Indecisiveness stands still

One sided lie

Two sided truths

Equal broken indifferences and shadows

Hunks of rubbish

Scattered bottle caps

Lumps of fast food containers

Dried up cheese stuck to a

week old pizza box

Sour milk and pickle juice

creating a horrid lake

Spread out diseases disperse

like ants and centipedes

Horrifying stenches linger

Ashes expanding miles and miles

Mountains of a monstrosity

Lingering funk travels like a turtle

Baking and sizzling in the sun

Like a junkyard in the desert

Rusty carburetors and mixed bolts

Tossed out old relationships like

last years self absorbed garbage

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Wider than a bulldozer

Enormous sight for hungry eyes

Long and gigantic

Bigger than her mouth

Generous and gigantic

A massive gesture curved

Grand and sizable

Staring at the abundance

Curious as a small kitten

Wondering in delight

Glaring at the immense

Extravagant and humongous

Gawking at the thickness

Fixated on the strength

A portion leaps to be inquisitive

Blushing inside and out

Intensity risen beyond its heights

Rotten and spoiled

Under a behemoth sun

Thick as molasses

Bubbling and boiling

Covered in a thousand ants

Wretched and horrid

Even the dog whimpers

from gory stench

Earth worms screaming

A ruthless sight

Accidentally generated

Even the stars hide

behind the glossy clouds

Ground breaking substance

A couple created

living off the land

No animal will consume

Forever rancid

A staggering entanglement of vibes

Simmering irritations and agitations

Tormented in senseless pleasure

A slap to bleach white skin

Backhanded foul mouth lingering

A frustrated sting of rug burns

Hand wrapped around her throat

In and out of consciousness

Slurping on venom inside the drain

of a disastrous nightmare

Gnawing on bits of ecstasy

Biting on gigantic pills of melancholy

Swallowing liquids of chaos

Constantly humming a tune of exasperation

Watching a rerun of blackouts

Hostility and seduction is potent

Scraping the bottom of grudges

Tormenting all of your bitter cliches

Scratching the barriers between

our thin and blotchy scars

Sipping on our lethal poison

exchanging sour conversations

Recognizing this tumultuous web

Closing these critical and shaken eyes

Seeing the haze in the back of my skull

Hardcore to the third degree

Obscene tension ripped in half

Smutty and dangerous lipstick

Slightly offensive and crude

Demanding and commanding

Caught off guard

Twisting and stirring

A sighing lecherous pleasure

Throbbing blue and purple

Pretty hate steam leaking

Revealing bits of hunger

Withholding a venture of thirst

Staring at a wild ache

Arching and eyes rolling

Selfless gratification

Submerged in satisfaction

Worshiping and idolizing skin

Indulging in a slice of spice

Treasuring a succulent nectar

Relishing in solace

Forty eight hours of zest

Unsolicited wings

Torn in flirtatious remarks

Unavoidable gossip

Digits written on a bathroom stall

Unfathomable notions

Hot water boils over the rim

Unbearable arguments

Shouting matches from white lungs

Uncontrollable tension

An earful of a water down script

Unforgettable phrases

A skid mark on the pavement

Unthinkable actions

Disregarding lethal consequences

Unappreciated love

Tossed to the trash can

Unattractive qualities

Seep through the corners

Unrelated events

add up to a sum of nothing

Untold stories

divide and conquer relationships

A thousand mile per hour shove

Galant jab to the head

Like a heavyweight boxer

A face plant with spit to the floor

Pummeled by deception

Belted by the winds of lust

Aggression rises like a wave

An undercut to the ribs

Bombarded with questions

Chopped down with a sharp ax

Blasted by the electric shock

Beaten by a power house

A crack with a whip

Bitten by her savage guts

Tossed around like a rag doll

A defense shattered from the word go

Dominated like a slave

Articulate and clever

Owned by a blood sucking wench

Standing before rules and regulations

Slowly out growing demands

Up against the tightrope

Released a blow to the throat

Standing against the walls of reality

No longer living in fear

Arms raised in victory

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Constant waves of happiness

Soaring and gliding in silver air

A unspoken soft and gentle touch

Hot whispers dripping from

her sensitive earlobe

A tickling pleasure back and forth

Conversations lead to sweet love

Clothes thrown to the floor

A world of explorations

Appreciating the fondness

Capturing the endearments

Cuddling up to the closeness

Loyalty swarming with every thrust

I love you’s falling from the sky

Cherishing the unity

Madly in love with the rapture

Refusing to ever let go

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Roaring parking meters

Stoplights slurring

Traffic jams sound like an arcade

Vendors flipping dollars

Counting change in thin gloves

Smiles parading like a festival

Inhaling the scent of hot dogs

Car doors slamming

Taxi cabs galore

Newspaper stands hand shakes

Concrete greetings

Tap dancing on pavement

Bartenders barking like a pit bull

Candy shops humming sweetness

Downtown in a ornament

Brick walls glaring spray paint

Little Anthony circling fire hydrants

Simone shouting obscenities

Dimes shoved in a jukebox

Ingredients of simplicity

Curling inside the cylinder

Walking on a plane

Cutting up the circle

Seeking the blistering radius

Dissecting the intersection points

Slipping in symmetry

On the edge of a Cartesian distance

Defining the articulation

Inside the angles and 3D lines

Glaring at the 2d lines

Placing the trihedron

Sliding down the cone

Hiding behind the slot

From hexagons to lines

A world of preciseness and exactness

Divine numbers are bold

No gray in the atmosphere

A place without emotions or drama

No mystery in the madness

Problem solved

Untamed and unforgettable

Ripple effect spreads like a disease

Lip licking and chomping

Like a wounded dog without a collar

Even your shadows cry

All you do is scratch

Tick tock…

Chasing traumatized winds

Clotheslined by barbwire

A feared and reckless beast

Gnawing at my insides

Even your skin is distasteful

All you do is claw

Tick tock…

Crippling my essence

Ruthless and disturbing you crawl

A relentless bitch

Foaming at the mouth

Even your tears want to run from you

All you do is manipulate

Tick tock…

You won’t know what hit you