Hello All,

I would like to take this opportunity to promote or a better word of choice is “appreciate” the author Kindra M. Austin.

Kindra displays brutal truth in her poetry. It is full of raw emotion and does have an occasional curse word, but it’s incorporated to make a strong point or message. She is also a member of a prestigious literary group Sudden Denouement: A forum for Divergent Literature. This is a well diverse collection of authors.

Please check out her novel “Magpie in August.” Amazon

Saw you on the cover of Rolling Stone
Saw you in a painting in a museum
Heard you say give me peace a chance
Saw you in glitter in a frame
Saw your name on a concrete wall
Heard you sing “Imagine”
Saw thousands stand around your grave
Saw tears of millions after your passing
Heard the legacy of a brilliant man
You made a difference to me
I find myself saying give peace a chance